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Prayer Bead Devotion: Set the World on Fire

We began 2013 with a prayer bead devotion focused on Wesley’s Covenant Service. I thought that was appropriate given that we begin each new year with a clean slate, upon which we write our new goals and hopes for the upcoming year. Giving that a foundation in the Covenant Service just seemed right. Now, three… Continue Reading

Prayer Bead Devotion: Commit Yourselves to ChrIst

I love the beginning of a new calendar year almost as much as I love the beginning of the church calendar year. As in Advent, January is a time for fresh starts. It affords us time to stop and consider where we have been and where we are called to go next. It is an… Continue Reading

In the Midst of Tragedy, Be Still and Know

(If you are just joining us, please refer to the blog post for the first week of Advent for background on this post.) There are no words to capture the depth of the tragedy in Connecticut this past Friday. The pain, the loss, the devastation – it is all so incomprehensible. These are the times… Continue Reading

Prayer Bead Devotion: Just Be

“Be still, and know that I AM GOD.” You know how much I love that verse from Psalm 46:10. It’s shown up several times here as the basis of prayer bead devotions. It’s even on the wall of my studio. Every morning, I light a candle, stand in front of the quote, and read it slowly,… Continue Reading

Prayer Bead Devotion: Listening to the Voice Within Ourselves

A few weeks ago I wrote a devotion based on a quote I’d read in Ashley Judd’s recent memoir, All That Is Bitter & Sweet.  The quote was from page 77 where Ashley writes, “Thank God my faith teaches me that listening is the beginning of empathy and, when followed by action, is a powerful… Continue Reading

Prayer Bead Devotion: Listening, Empathizing, Acting and Praying

This summer I participated in a wonderful workshop on spirituality and writing at SOULfeast.  During the first few minutes the speaker, Enuma Okoro, asked each of us to name a writer who has inspired or otherwise affected us spiritually.  Since I was sitting in the back, I was not surprised that by the time it was… Continue Reading

Prayer Tool: Focusing on – and with – the Trinity

Again, my apologies for my extended absence from this blog!  I had no intention of being gone for so long but have recently been very busy.  As I reported previously, I am currently writing a memoir for a good friend of mine, and that is taking a lot of time and creative writing energy!  I love… Continue Reading

An Anniversary, and a Prayer Bead Devotion

Those of you who are fans of our Facebook page know that I’m spending the week with my family at SoulFeast 2010, a spiritual retreat sponsored by the Upper Room and held in the mountains of Lake Junaluska, NC. This week is amazing for two reasons.  First, being here, I realize how hungry I’ve been for… Continue Reading