Prayer Bead Devotion: God with Us

A baby has been born in the City of David. The angels of called us to come and adore him. He is worthy of adoration because this tiny, vulnerable baby is God in human form. He is Emmanuel – God with us. He is God’s greatest expression of love for us, the sure sign that God wants to save us and be in a relationship with us.

So come, let us adore him, and experience the gift of peace.

Cross: God of Christmas,

Invitatory Bead: thank you for loving us so much,

Resurrection Bead: that you would send your son Jesus to live among us.

With each bead: take time to thank God; to sit quietly in the stable with Mary and Joseph and gaze lovingly at Jesus; to listen to the choir of angels proclaiming his glory; to consider how much God loves you; to accept this gift of peace and think about what it means for your life. Sit for as you long as you can or as long as you need to to experience this true gift of Christmas.



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