How You Can Help with Book #4: Stories and Field-Testing

Book #4 is off to a great start. So far I have an outline, writing schedule (Thursdays are writing days!), the introduction, pieces of two chapters . . . and a very, very organized house. (By the time the actual deadline gets here, I imagine I will have completely redecorated my house.) Everything seems to be falling into place. I have never been more excited about a writing project!

Thing is, this book will not happen without you. I need your input, your voices, your help in two ways:

Share Your Story of Trauma and Spiritual Hurt/Healing

As I wrote in an earlier post, I am seeking stories from other survivors of trauma. First, let me just apologize for the title of that blog post. Seriously! I looked at it later and thought it was so inappropriate: “Hey! Trauma Survivors! You don’t know me but you should share your story with me so I can write a book! Yay! It’ll be fun!” Ugh. That is not how I intended it to sound, so my apologies if that’s the way it came across!

Despite the awful title, you have responded. Already so many of you have completed the survey and offered the most profound testimonies of how traumas have impacted your spiritual life. I appreciate that so much! You are brave and honest to share such details with me, and I will hold them with the greatest care and respect. I promise.

If you have not shared your story but would like to, click here.

Test the Materials with a Group

What I’m trying to do with this book is offer hope and help to other survivors of trauma who are struggling with – and want to heal – their relationship with God and the church. This is no small thing, nor do I take it lightly. Before we release this collection of pages out into the world I want to make sure it works, is appropriate, and does no harm. So I’m planning to field test the material. I did this with A Bead and a Prayer and it worked great; I received the most awesome feedback that helped me fine-tune the content.

This is my mantra for book #4. My friend, Kristen, made this sign for me. Check out her Etsy shop: Sign Me Up Signs!
This is my mantra for book #4. My friend, Kristen, made this sign for me. Check out her Etsy shop: Sign Me Up Signs!

If you are a therapist, spiritual director, support group leader, pastor, etc., I invite you to test the rough draft with a group. The rough draft will be completed by the end of 2015, so you will have January and February to lead a group. I will need your feedback by March 1st so that I can make revisions during the month of March, then submit the final manuscript to Upper Room Books by April 1st, 2016. The material is meant for survivors of any type of trauma – violence, natural disaster, sudden death of a loved one, etc. – who are dealing with spiritual issues related to the trauma.

If you are curious or interested in testing the material, please email me at kristen (at) I can provide you with further information and create a list of who is interested. Ultimately, I will choose 4 – 6 groups that offer a nice cross-section of experiences, geography, viewpoints, etc.

And as always, you can pray for me and this book. That, too, is no small thing.

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