Book #4: The Beginning

Today I am heading to the Monastery of the Holy Spirit in Conyers, GA for a 48-hour retreat. This retreat has been on the calendar since May and I have been looking forward to ever since. It follows one of the most crazy-busy summers on record. Two weeks ago Matthew went back to school, and since then I’ve worked to get caught up on everything that got left in the wake of the summer’s events. I’m getting close, but for now, I’m heading to the Monastery.

This is my mantra for book #4. My friend, Kristen, made this sign for me. Check out her Etsy shop: Sign Me Up Signs!
This is my mantra for book #4. My friend, Kristen, made this sign for me. Check out her Etsy shop: Sign Me Up Signs!

The Monastery is a sacred place for many, including me. It is the place I go on a regular basis to meet my friend, Cyndi, to pray, connect, reflect, and hold each other accountable. It is the place where I was given my 2015 Star Word: “simplicity.” It is the place where I wrote my first book, A Bead and a Prayer. And as of today, it will be the place I begin work on book #4.

I’m thrilled to tell you that Upper Room Books has agreed to publish my next book! As I’ve shared before, this book will focus on using prayer beads to heal from trauma and other wounds. It will follow my own story of healing, including my profound experience at The Academy for Spiritual Formation. It will also incorporate the stories of others as well (if you’re willing to share yours, click here). Along the way, I hope it will offer hope for those who seek to ask God the hard questions, speak their truth, and deepen their relationship with the God of Deep Love. I’m so excited to write it! Mark your calendars for spring 2017, when it should be available.

I ask for your prayers as I head to the Monastery and begin the writing process. I know you will be with me in Spirit.

2 Responses to Book #4: The Beginning

  1. I am enjoying your daily meditations in the Upper Room Disciplines. I especially enjoyed yesterday’s meditation on nesting. I try to nest daily and find it makes a big difference. Ironically I did not get a nap yesterday because my car broke down in triple digit heat. I was thankful to finally get home. I re-read yesterday’s meditation after reading today’s. Thank you so much. Congratulations on your upcoming book, enjoy your sojourn at the monastery.

    • Theresa – I’m so glad you enjoyed the meditations I wrote for Upper Room Disciplines! I loved writing the one about nesting – the imagery of the birds in the Psalm provided such a wonderful feeling of rest and coziness.

      Thanks for your kind words and well wishes. I am so thrilled to be working on this book!