Another Bead, Another Prayer

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Many Protestants discovered the benefits of prayer beads through Kristen Vincent’s award-winning book, A Bead and a Prayer. In this sequel, Another Bead, Another Prayer: Devotions for Use with Protestant Prayer Beads (Upper Room Books, 2014), Vincent and her husband provide a collection of 28 scripture-based devotions to use with prayer beads. Another Bead, Another Prayer will help you offer prayers of praise, confession, intercession, and thanksgiving, one bead at a time.

Another Bead, Another Prayer is the second in what one can only hope will become a whole series of books for Protestants about prayer beads and their role as an enriching part of both spiritual formation and religious devotion. Even the complete novice will find here not only the prayers appointed to each set of beads but also, and blessedly, easy-to-follow, deeply pastoral guidance into both the practice and the prayers.” – Phyllis Tickle, Compiler, The Divine Hours


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