Welcome Patheos Book Club!

I’m excited to welcome Patheos Book Club to our little world!

Patheos Book Club is featuring my book, A Bead and a Prayer: A Beginner’s Guide to Protestant Prayer Beads. For the next two weeks, Book Club bloggers and others will be reviewing and writing about the book. It’s a wonderful way to see what other writers on Christian spirituality have to say about using beads in prayer.

To prepare for the Book Club, Deborah Arca, Managing Editor for the Patheos Book Club, interviewed me about prayer beads. You can access the video on their site. She also asked me to write an essay titled “Praying with Beads: Yes, It’s OK for Protestants!” 

It is such an honor to have Patheos feature the book! Patheos is one the central places for online dialogue on faith. I have been a subscriber to their newsletter for several years. I invite you to explore their website. So many great articles, interviews, and resources! 

2 Responses to Welcome Patheos Book Club!

  1. I have used the prayer beads, the small caplet, for some time now. It helps me center on my devotions. Having it in my pocket when I needed to feel God’s hand and help works for me too. Thank you for writing and sharing devotions with us.

  2. Hi Kristen — I’ve just bought your book, so evidently the Patheos connection has done you some good already!

    I’ve written a lot about prayer beads myself, including a few articles specifically about Protestant uses. Unfortunately I’ve been distracted by other projects and haven’t kept up the blog, but you are more than welcome to visit, and I think you’d find a lot to interest you. I’m coming from rather a different direction than you — I’m a committed Christian, but I’m writing about prayer beads as a medieval historian.

    Happy to discuss things any time — my contact information is on both my blog and my website.

    Blog: paternosters.blogspot.com

    Website: paternoster-row.org