Webinars, Workshops, and What’s Up

I love to lead retreats and workshops. I mean, I really love it! I love gathering with folks, sharing our faith journeys, talking about prayer beads, and seeing God’s grace abound. I love teaching and watching people’s faces light up as they discover new ways to connect with God. I love the group dynamics, the laughter, the quite spaces, and the individual chats. I love it all.

Spring and fall are, by far, my busiest retreat and workshop seasons! Everyone wants to do a fall retreat, and everyone wants prayer beads in Lent! So let’s discuss the options. Many of you have expressed interest in learning more about prayer beads so I wanted to share a couple of options.

First, TODAY The Upper Room launched their new Upper Room Online Learning. The program offers a variety of eCourses that you can sign up for and then take at your leisure. The program launches today with nine eCourses including “Praying with Protestant Prayer Beads!” How cool is that!?! The eCourse is based on my first book, A Bead and a Prayer: A Beginner’s Guide to Protestant Prayer Beads. The cost of the eCourse is $19 and includes the content of the book, video and audio recordings (that I recorded in my studio), instructions for making your own prayer beads, and opportunities to engage with others who enrolled in the eCourse. This is a great option for folks who don’t have the option to attend one of my workshops or retreats, or who may have the opportunity but just can’t wait to start praying with beads! In addition to my eCourse there are also courses featuring Marjorie Thompson, John Mogabgab, Phyllis Tickle, and Trevor Hudson. Check it outKristen Vincent of Prayerworks Studios Speaking

Second, for the first time we are hosting our own prayer bead workshop. We heard from many of you who have wanted to attend a workshop but weren’t part of a church or organization that was hosting one. So if you’re in the neighborhood, join us at Inman Park Church on Saturday, September 12, from 10am – 12pm. My husband, Max, and I will be co-leading a workshop that covers the content of my first book, A Bead and a Prayer. Bonus: you’ll have the chance to design and make your own set of prayer beads! The cost is $25, which you can pay at the door via cash, credit card, or check. However, if you are interested, please register because space is limited. If you can’t make this one, don’t worry! We’re planning to host other workshops and retreats in the future, as well as taking the show on the road. If you think there is sufficient interest for a retreat or workshop in your part of the country, let us know. We might just come see you!

Third, if you are interested in hosting a retreat or prayer bead workshop, I have a few openings left this fall, otherwise, I’m starting to focus on bookings for spring 2016. My schedule is listed here. If a fall date doesn’t work, let’s start talking about the spring, because I can guarantee you that spring/Lent will fill up FAST. It always does! If you’re interest in discussing some dates, contact us.

See you soon!

Grace and peace, Kristen

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