The Whole Quirky Story

Kristen Vincent where it all started, at The Salty DogI hate to say that God told me to make prayer beads. It sounds a little kooky. Or maybe a lot kooky. But there it is: God told me to make prayer beads. And I listened.

Because for the past 20+ years I have been collecting prayer beads and other tools for prayer. And because I have a Master of Theological Studies that I wasn’t really using much.

Because I am a Methodist girl who has always loved the ancient practices of the early church. And because I have never been very good at prayer, and God knew that one way to get me to pray was to put me in a position where I had to talk with people about prayer.

And because stuff that is both creative and spiritual makes my heart skip a beat.

So I listened and started making prayer beads. I opened up this shop. Now, I lead workshops and retreats. And my book, A Bead and a Prayer: A Beginners Guide to Protestant Prayer Beads,(Upper Room Books, 2013), was named Book of the Year by the Christian Small Publisher Association; and Finalist for the 2014 USA Best Book Award. And our second book, Another Bead, Another Prayer: Devotions for Protestant Prayer Beads (Upper Room Books, 2014), has already been well-received.

The best part is, I’ve developed a comfort level with prayer. Who would have guessed?!

Have you listened to God today? If not, when? Where? How?

There’s more to the story . . .

In Kristen’s words:

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