The Tale of a Neglected Blog

Soooooo, my book was published. Maybe you heard. If so, you certainly didn’t hear it from this blog, given that I haven’t posted since May.

I can offer a lot of good reasons/excuses! I’ve been busy with:

  • Prayer beads! I led prayer bead workshops and signed books atThe Upper Room’s  SOULfeast and the GBOD Conference on Ministry with Children. Following the book’s release we had an increase in prayer bead orders, requests for speaking engagements, and people wanting to talk about the book and/or the beads. And we’ve been working hard to make 500 sets of chaplets for The Upper Room, which is going to sell them in a boxed set with the book for Christmas.
  • Family! My son was, of course, out of school for the summer. We stayed busy keeping him entertained and even went on a family vacation.
  • Church! I was Craft Leader for our Vacation Bible School. (Enough said?!?)
  • My other job! Prayerworks is still not my full-time job. I work part-time as Coordinator for The ADA Legacy Project. It’s a great new organization that I’ve helped to create. It’s dedicated to preserving the history of the disability rights movement; celebrating its milestones; and educating the public and future generations of advocates. If you’re curious, please check it out. Our new website will be launched next month.

Those reasons are all true and valid. But they aren’t the real reason I haven’t blogged.

The truth is that while I was thrilled – and thankful – that the book was being released, I was also just a wee bit terrified. I know that may sound a little goofy, but there you have it. The book was going to be released to the world for all to see, which left me feeling vulnerable, exposed. As we got closer to the release date my anxiety grew. I found myself avoiding the blog, social media, Etsy, etc.

I share this not because I’m looking for sympathy. Indeed, I’m doing very well. I survived the book’s release –  no lightning strikes or other calamities. I even celebrated. It really was exciting and I have been humbled by the response.

Instead, I share this in the spirit of being authentic. I want to be honest about why there’s been no activity here for several months: good, old-fashioned, common variety fear. We all deal with it, some more than others. I happen to live with a healthy (unhealthy?) dose of it. But Isaiah 41:10 (CEB) tells me, “Don’t fear, because I am with you; don’t be afraid, because I am your God. I will strengthen you, I will surely help you; I will hold you with my righteous strong hand.” And so I will not fear.

With this blog post I pledge to get back in the game. There’s so much I want to share and so many discussions to be had about prayer beads. I hope you’ll stay tuned. Don’t be afraid.

25 Responses to The Tale of a Neglected Blog

  1. Well said. Don’t we all allow fear to get in the way of the good stuff.
    One of your mighty prayer warriors.

  2. Thank you Kristin for sharing this. I understand completely, as I am sure most of us do. You have been blessed in so many ways. I am looking forward to hearing all about them.
    In His Name,


  3. What!? You have a life besides beading? We so understand, The book is a major step and so all of those feelings are very real and had to be walked through. Now it is time to move on and plan the next book 🙂

    • Who knew there could be life beyond beads?!? 😉 And yes, it is time to move on! In fact, we are working on proposals for books #2 and #3! Stay tuned!

  4. The book is wonderful! Thank you for all the hard work to make it possible. Looking forward to more blog posts!

  5. Your book and caplets have been a life changing event for me. Thank you so much for your willingness to share your talent and ministry.

    • Carolyn – I am so humbled and blessed to hear how much the book and prayer beads have meant to you! Thank you so much for sharing! Kristen

  6. Welcome back!
    Yes, those are very good reason’s/excuses. With or w/o fear being the motivating factor.
    Thanks for being real.


  7. Kristen, don’t be afraid!! The book is wonderful, and helps one to really understand the history of prayer beads and how to get a closer connection to our God. I am trying to use the beads that I have (My dear sister sent me a set) and they really help me focus on my prayers. I mostly use the full circle prayer, and the Be Still one. I need that one to quiet my mind!
    I am afraid also, because I want to introduce the concept of the beads to my church – a small group i go to – and see how they like them, and try to figure out how we can use them in our church to bring people a better understanding of prayer.
    Thank you so much for your ministry!

    • Betsy – Keep using the Be Still prayer! In that stillness you will find the strength from God that will enable you to share the prayer beads with your church. Keep me posted! Kristen

  8. Blessings to you and yours. Congratulations on the wonderful success of your book. Thanks to you, my prayer life is richer and those I’ve shared your beads and book with report the same. Can we expect even more from you?
    Kristin, have a wonderful day. Glad to hear from you again.

    • Cheryl – Thanks so much for your comments! How wonderful that your prayer life is richer now! And yes, you can expect more books! We are working on proposals for books #2 and #3 now! I’ll write about that later. Peace,Kristen

  9. I purchased your book prior to it being published with the offering many months ago.  I would still like to purchase a set of your beads.  I’m retired; 73; and can’t afford another book plus beads.  Do you continue to sell the beads separately  If so, what site should I use?  Etsy?   Sincerely, Kay Wallis  


  10. Isaiah 41:10 is one of my favorites! I got away from blogging as well which is evident from my almost a year gap. I’m in a transition period in my life but hope to get back to it soon.

    Thank you for your kind comment on my blog. The funny thing is, I received your book as a birthday present later that same exact day! I’m looking forward to really digging into the experience of using prayer beads.

    Take care,