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Prayer Beads at UMC General Conference 2016: And So It Begins

I arrived yesterday in Portland, Oregon, which was no small thing. I had forgotten that it takes ALL DAY to travel from the east coast to the west! On top of that, one leg of my flight was delayed, and when I finally arrived after a twelve hour journey I learned there was a snafu with… Continue Reading

General Conference 2016 Prayer Strands: The Bead Mayhem Update

It is like prayer bead Christmas around here! Everyday I receive several packages full of prayer strands. They come from all over the country, big cities and small towns. They represent large congregations, intimate Bible study groups, women’s and men’s ministries, and even individuals who want to be part of this global effort. Some of… Continue Reading

Prayer Bead Devotion: People of Easter

This prayer bead devotion – featured in our monthly e-newsletter – focuses on the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Specifically, it asks us to consider how to take Easter personally and communally. What does it mean that Christ died for us and was resurrected? Use your prayer beads to consider this Mystery. Cross: Dear Lord, Invitatory… Continue Reading

Prayer Beads at General Conference 2016

Every four years, leaders and delegates representing all 131 conferences of the global United Methodist Church come together for General Conference to set policy and make decisions about the future of the United Methodist Church. This year, General Conference will take place May 10 – 20, 2016 in Portland, Oregon, and a lot is at… Continue Reading

2016: The Year of Trust

As I explained earlier, I’ve been listening for my 2016 Star word – the Epiphany word that would guide me through the year, providing focus and a way of deepening my faith. I’ve journaled, prayed, listened, talked with friends, and considered different words. But the one word that revealed itself and – like an epiphany… Continue Reading

Prayer Bead Devotion: What Gifts Can I Bring?

It is Epiphany, the day we remember the Magi’s visit to the Christ child and the “epiphany” or revelation of God’s presence on earth. On Christmas we heard the good news proclaimed by the angels that Christ was born. With the shepherds, we visited Mary and Joseph in the stable to see this miracle. We… Continue Reading

Top 5 Prayer Bead Moments in 2015

A new year is upon us, so you know what that means: reflections on 2015 and hopes for 2016. Here’s what that looks like in terms of prayer beads and our Studio: Top 5 Moments in 2015 for Prayerworks Studio, me, and those of us who love prayer beads: 5. Youth2015: thousands of United Methodist youth gathering… Continue Reading

Our First Newsletter and Podcast!

Advent is about beginnings, and we have two new initiatives! FIRST, we have launched a new monthly e-newsletter! We hope this will be a great way to stay in touch and share our latest news, prayer bead designs, and devotions. If you did not receive the newsletter and would like to join our mailing list,… Continue Reading

September Giveaway: Discounted Prayer Bead Workshop

It’s time for another giveaway! I’m beginning to love this series, both because I get to give away stuff – books, prayer beads, greeting cards, etc. – but also because it’s another way I get to hear from you. Your stories and comments are awesome! Last week I wrote about our prayer bead workshops and… Continue Reading

How You Can Help with Book #4: Stories and Field-Testing

Book #4 is off to a great start. So far I have an outline, writing schedule (Thursdays are writing days!), the introduction, pieces of two chapters . . . and a very, very organized house. (By the time the actual deadline gets here, I imagine I will have completely redecorated my house.) Everything seems to… Continue Reading