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Graceful, Grace-full Tattoos

Yesterday, my friend and fellow author, J. Dana Trent, posted an article on Patheos titled, “Marked by Faith: The Spirituality of Tattoos.” The article was inspired by an experience she and I had last summer when we attended the Wild Goose Festival in Hot Springs, NC. We were there to lead a workshop (her), sell… Continue Reading

Book Review: Listening for the Still, Small Voice

The following is another review of my book from the Patheos Book Club. This one was written by Bruce Epperly, a theologian, spiritual guide, pastor, and author. He posted this review on his blog, Living a Holy Adventure. Listening for the Still, Small Voice: Reflections on Kristen Vincent’s Book A Bead and a Prayer, by… Continue Reading

Book Review: Prayer for the Senses

Today I am featuring another Patheos blogger’s review of my book. This one is written by Elizabeth Nordquist of “A Musing Amma” blog. Elizabeth is a pastor, teacher, and spiritual director. Her writing style is quite beautiful. Prayer for the Senses, A Book Review of A Bead and a Prayer by Kristen Vincent, by Elizabeth… Continue Reading

Book Review: A Bead and an (Interfaith) Prayer

One of the great things about these two weeks with the Patheos Book Club is that various Patheos bloggers have read my book, A Bead and a Prayer: A Beginner’s Guide to Protestant Prayer Beads and shared their responses to it. I thought it would be fun to share some of these reviews with you… Continue Reading

Why I Don’t Care If You Use Prayer Beads

I don’t care if you use prayer beads. I know that seems strange to say. After all, I’m the woman who is passionate about them. I’ve collected them for almost 25 years. I’ve built a living out of writing and teaching and speaking about prayer beads. I love praying with them and think they make… Continue Reading

Prayer Beads: Yes, It’s OK for Protestants

“Is it okay for Protestants to use prayer beads?” In the five years I’ve been writing and teaching about prayer beads, this is, by far, the number one question I hear. The subtext of the question seems to be, “Are we going to get struck by lightning if we use beads in prayer?” There is… Continue Reading