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Journey: March’s Theme and Prayer Bead Devotion

It is fitting that Journey is our theme for the month, given that March 1st was Ash Wednesday – the entry point into the season of Lent. Lent is, first and foremost, a journey. It is the time when we journey alongside Jesus as he enters the wilderness and is tempted; begins his ministry in… Continue Reading

Love: February Theme and Prayer Bead Devotion

Our theme for the month is Love. Okay, I know that’s not very original, given that it’s February and the month with Valentine’s Day. There’s already a lot of talk about romantic love and love for your family and friends. But the love I want us to consider is even bigger than that. In fact,… Continue Reading

Prayer Bead Devotion: Trusting God in Our Faith Journey

This week marks the seventh anniversary of Prayerworks Studio, and as I shared, this ministry has been – first and foremost – a journey of faith for me. To mark the occasion, I offer this devotion that invites us to trust in the God who is always calling us to a journey of deep love.… Continue Reading

Lent: The Pilgrim’s Journey Begins

I had planned to write this post today, but in the hours before I could sit down to write, I learned of the very tragic death of a friend. Granted, I hadn’t seen this friend in person in about ten years, but Facebook allowed us to stay in touch as I viewed his photos and… Continue Reading

Prayer Bead Devotion: What Gifts Can I Bring?

It is Epiphany, the day we remember the Magi’s visit to the Christ child and the “epiphany” or revelation of God’s presence on earth. On Christmas we heard the good news proclaimed by the angels that Christ was born. With the shepherds, we visited Mary and Joseph in the stable to see this miracle. We… Continue Reading

Using Prayer Beads with The Upper Room Advent Litany: Week One

Happy New Year! Blessings on this first day of Advent, the first day of our church year. I love that the church calendar begins before the civil calendar. It puts the idea of “New Year’s resolutions” in a whole new light: whatever we pledge to do, let it be grounded in the name of Jesus,… Continue Reading

Prayer Bead Devotion: God with Us

A baby has been born in the City of David. The angels of called us to come and adore him. He is worthy of adoration because this tiny, vulnerable baby is God in human form. He is Emmanuel – God with us. He is God’s greatest expression of love for us, the sure sign that… Continue Reading

Prayer Bead Devotion: Crucifixion

Hopefully, you will have some time to be still today and place yourself at the foot of the cross using this devotion. Cross: Lord, have mercy on us. Invitatory Bead: “They brought Jesus to the place called Golgotha, which means Skull Place. They tried to give him wine mixed with myrrh, but he didn’t take it. They… Continue Reading

Prayer Bead Devotion: Just Be

“Be still, and know that I AM GOD.” You know how much I love that verse from Psalm 46:10. It’s shown up several times here as the basis of prayer bead devotions. It’s even on the wall of my studio. Every morning, I light a candle, stand in front of the quote, and read it slowly,… Continue Reading

Prayer Bead Devotion: Come and Behold Him!

Welcome! You must have heard the news!  Though I’m not surprised.  When the shepherds left they were so filled with joy that they ran about town hoopin’ and hollerin’, sharing the good news and encouraging others to come here.  I don’t blame them; I mean, this is pretty incredible, and to think that he was born… Continue Reading