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Hope: Monthly Theme and Prayer Bead Devotion

Christ is risen! Alleluia! Given that we are in the season of Easter, it’s fitting that our theme for May is Hope. I written about hope a number of times. Particularly as a trauma survivor, I find hope to be essential to daily life. Indeed, one of my favorite pieces of my own writing is… Continue Reading

New Life: April Theme and Devotion

April’s theme is New Life, which makes sense since Easter occurs in April, however, the first two weeks of the month still fall within the season of Lent. This requires us to live in tension: the tension between Lent and Easter, between old live and new, between death and resurrection. That’s not a bad thing.… Continue Reading

Prayer Bead Devotion: People of Easter

This prayer bead devotion – featured in our monthly e-newsletter – focuses on the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Specifically, it asks us to consider how to take Easter personally and communally. What does it mean that Christ died for us and was resurrected? Use your prayer beads to consider this Mystery. Cross: Dear Lord, Invitatory… Continue Reading

Lent: The Pilgrim’s Journey Begins

I had planned to write this post today, but in the hours before I could sit down to write, I learned of the very tragic death of a friend. Granted, I hadn’t seen this friend in person in about ten years, but Facebook allowed us to stay in touch as I viewed his photos and… Continue Reading

Prayer Bead Devotion: O Come, O Come

Yesterday was the anniversary of the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT. I remember vividly the desperate pain, the absolute devastation of that day. I know everyone does. There is no way to forget the images and stories from that day. The other thing I remember is writing the Advent prayer bead… Continue Reading

Prayer Bead Devotion: I AM

Today we arrived at Lake Junaluska for The Upper Room’s SOULfeast 2012. This is our third year to come, and as usual I arrived with great anticipation and excitement. I have come to love this place and this time. It is an incredible time of spiritual formation. However, as usual, I also arrived breathless, harried,… Continue Reading

Prayer Bead Devotion: A Time of Faith

In following Pam Hawkin’s book, Behold! Cultivating Attentiveness in the Season of Advent, we have waited with great expectancy for the coming of a Savior, and we have prepared ourselves for His arrival.  Now, in this third week of Advent, we “live in faith” that God will indeed deliver on His promise of a Messiah for… Continue Reading

Prayer Bead Devotion: Resurrection

Alleluia!  Alleluia!  Christ is Risen!  We have come through the darkness and devastation of Good Friday, through the uncertainty of Holy Saturday, and are met with the glorious news of Christ’s resurrection on Easter!  We give thanks for the Lord our God, who loves us so much that he took on our sins, died for… Continue Reading

Prayer Bead Devotion: Jesus’ Appearances to His Disciples

This morning my husband, Max, preached about Christ’s third appearance to his disciples, when he asked Peter three times if he loved him (leaving Peter very perplexed!).  I thought it would be interesting to look at all three appearances that Christ made to his disciples following the resurrection.  Doing so helps us to understand what… Continue Reading

Prayer Bead Devotion: God the Son

This week we continue in our exploration of the Trinity with a devotion that focuses on God the Son in the person of Jesus Christ.  Each of the prayers of the Cruciform Beads is based on one of Christ’s own statements about who He is, as found in the New Testament. Cross: In the name of the… Continue Reading