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Intention: January Theme and Prayer Bead Devotion

Those of you who follow our (somewhat) daily meditations may have noticed our monthly themes. A few months ago we decided to assign a theme to each month, using it as a basis for our prayer bead devotions, meditations, newsletter, Facebook Live videos, etc. It worked well enough that we’ve decided to make it official!… Continue Reading

Abba, Give Me a Word for 2015

For the past two years, my friend Christine has talked on Facebook about finding a word for the year. Instead of setting new year’s resolutions, she chooses a word. The word sets the intention for her year and helps her to focus. She got the idea from Abbey of the Arts. This year, she chose… Continue Reading

Using Prayer Beads with The Upper Room Advent Litany: Week Four

I intended to post this yesterday, but the day turned out to have a mind of its own. A metal cabinet with a saw – that’s right, a SAW – attached to it fell on top of my son, Matthew, yesterday, leading us to spend the afternoon at an urgent care clinic. Thankfully, he is… Continue Reading

Using Prayer Beads with The Upper Room Advent Litany: Week Two

Over the past few years there has been a lot of talk about how people greet each other at this time of year. There is Team “Happy Holidays” and Team “Merry Christmas.” Unfortunately, no one seems to be on Team “Advent Blessings.” This is partly because it just doesn’t have a catchy (or commercial) ring… Continue Reading

An Update on Book #2 From My Husband (and Coauthor)

We have less than two weeks until book #2 – Another Bead, Another Prayer: Devotions to Use with Protestant Prayer Beads – goes to print. According to Upper Room Books, it will be available January 2015. Max (my husband and coauthor) and I are so excited to share this book with you! Max is the author… Continue Reading

Prayer Bead Devotion: Crucifixion

Hopefully, you will have some time to be still today and place yourself at the foot of the cross using this devotion. Cross: Lord, have mercy on us. Invitatory Bead: “They brought Jesus to the place called Golgotha, which means Skull Place. They tried to give him wine mixed with myrrh, but he didn’t take it. They… Continue Reading

Prayer Bead Devotion: Trinity Sunday

As you can see, my blog is quite neglected these days, the victim of a book deadline. But the good news is that field testing on Chapter One of the book begins tomorrow, so I am making progress! I have a group of people at my church who are testing the material, along with a… Continue Reading

Prayer Bead Devotion: Resurrection

Alleluia!  Alleluia!  Christ is Risen!  We have come through the darkness and devastation of Good Friday, through the uncertainty of Holy Saturday, and are met with the glorious news of Christ’s resurrection on Easter!  We give thanks for the Lord our God, who loves us so much that he took on our sins, died for… Continue Reading

Prayer Bead Devotion: The Journey Towards Love of Neighbor

As we begin Holy Week and the anguishing journey to the cross, this is as good a time as any to consider how to love our neighbors. Jesus entered Jerusalem on a humble donkey, amidst the praises and loud “hosannas!” of the adoring crowd.  But Jesus knew that these same people would be calling for… Continue Reading