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The Year of Simplicity

As I wrote earlier this month, I wanted to try choosing a word to focus on and guide me through the year. I loved the idea of having a word that would serve as my intention through 2015. It provided a nice alternative to setting resolutions that I might otherwise ignore, and a practice that… Continue Reading

Abba, Give Me a Word for 2015

For the past two years, my friend Christine has talked on Facebook about finding a word for the year. Instead of setting new year’s resolutions, she chooses a word. The word sets the intention for her year and helps her to focus. She got the idea from Abbey of the Arts. This year, she chose… Continue Reading

Using Prayer Beads with The Upper Room Advent Litany: Week Four

I intended to post this yesterday, but the day turned out to have a mind of its own. A metal cabinet with a saw – that’s right, a SAW – attached to it fell on top of my son, Matthew, yesterday, leading us to spend the afternoon at an urgent care clinic. Thankfully, he is… Continue Reading

Using Prayer Beads with The Upper Room Advent Litany: Week Three

My goodness! Is your Advent season becoming as busy as mine? It is Wednesday and I am just now posting the Litany for week three. My apologies! But this is certainly the nature of the season for so many of us. All the more reason to be still! With last week’s Litany we experienced the… Continue Reading

Using Prayer Beads with The Upper Room Advent Litany: Week Two

Over the past few years there has been a lot of talk about how people greet each other at this time of year. There is Team “Happy Holidays” and Team “Merry Christmas.” Unfortunately, no one seems to be on Team “Advent Blessings.” This is partly because it just doesn’t have a catchy (or commercial) ring… Continue Reading

Prayer Bead Devotion: Rejoice in the Lord Always

Tuesday is yoga day for me. Every week I look forward to my class. I just. Can’t. Wait. For it. It has become another tool for me to listen. It helps me pay attention to God, to my body, and to the world. Plus, the meditation at the end of class is almost like a… Continue Reading

Days of Creation Prayer Strand

There wasn’t much hope for my eight-year-old son, Matthew. Being surrounded by prayer beads, accompanying me to workshops, and hearing endless discussions about beads at the dinner table, he was doomed to either love or hate them. Given that he hasn’t run away yet, I take that as a good sign. Indeed, he has embraced… Continue Reading