When you stop to watch and really look for the ways that God is working in our lives it’s pretty awesome.  And sometimes it’s downright spooky.

Yesterday, I wrote about how I had been running away from the changes that God is preparing me for.  As I blogged I was recommitting myself to God and to keeping focused on God’s will through prayer.  No more running, at least in the spiritual sense.

I finished the blog and was going back through it to proofread and edit.  It was then that something spooky happened.  My cell phone rang, and the caller was a long-time friend of mine reporting that she had arranged a writing job for me. 

To understand why this was spooky you have to understand the changes that I think God is moving me towards.  There are a number of them, and I’ll talk about the rest of them in future blogs, but one of them is about my work.  Right now I’m doing a variety of things (too many, if you ask me).  I’m consulting for my former employer, I’m writing the autobiography of one of my friends, I’m making and selling prayer beads (and working on writing this blog!), and I’m making and selling emergency identification tags.  All of these are things that I enjoy doing and all of them have significance for me. 

But I can’t continue to do this many things and I have been praying for God to help me understand what He wants me to be doing.  And, at least so far, I think God is leading me towards more writing (including the book and the blog, but hopefully other things as well), and more work on the prayer beads.  But, at least so far, these are not the things that pay our bills, so I have trusted that God will eventually clarify for me whether I can make a living and help pay the bills with the whole writing/prayer bead gig. 

So to receive a call about another writing job – before I had completed the blog in which I had recommitted myself to God – was a little bit spooky. 

But as we know, spooky is not really the most appropriate word for describing God’s mighty acts.  It is grace.

One Response to Spooky

  1. I totally understand! Years ago, when I had been laid off, I began taking photography jobs. And I was in the kitchen, in despair about whether to spend three hundred precious of my dwindling dollars on a piece of equipment I needed. Right that minute the phone rang – it was my doctor’s office saying they never should’ve charged me a copay for my allergy shots, and did I want this $330 back?