We love podcasting! We love it so much we just debuted our own podcast series called Being 10:19! Subscribe and join us – you can find us on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, and Buzzsprout

Show Notes

01: An Introduction to Being 10:19
02: Learning to Be
03: How Hard Can It BE?

Also, below are a few podcasts we have recorded for others, or where we’ve been interviewed.

Spiritual Charlotte

Episode 40 – Spiritual Healing & Prayer Beads with Author, Kristen Vincent

From the Well, A Podcast of The Academy for Spiritual Formation

Episode 9 – Advent: On Justice, Cathedrals, and God’s Dream

Episode 10 – All In: Experiencing God’s Friendship in a Broken World

Episode 11 – Love, Lent, and the Campaign Trail: A Tale of Pilgrimage and Transformation

Episode 12 – Returning as Resurrection People: Savoring and Sharing Our Pilgrimage

Episode 14 – A Light Task: Bringing Peace Through Silence and Hospitality