September Giveaway: Discounted Prayer Bead Workshop

It’s time for another giveaway! I’m beginning to love this series, both because I get to give away stuff – books, prayer beads, greeting cards, etc. – but also because it’s another way I get to hear from you. Your stories and comments are awesome!

Last week I wrote about our prayer bead workshops and retreats. We are almost completely booked for the fall and are now scheduling dates for spring/Lent 2016. And that started me thinking: why not give away a discounted prayer bead workshop?! That could be fun!

So here’s the deal: if you want to schedule a workshop for your church, organization, group, etc., let me know by posting a comment below. Do this by Friday, October 2 (because you may need time to discuss with other members of your group). I’ll choose (at random) one response from all the comments, and that person will receive a 50% discount off my speaking fee to lead one prayer bead workshop or retreat. Bonus: everyone who submits a comment by October 2 – and books a workshop or retreat within the next two months (by November 10) – will receive 10% off my speaking fee. So everyone wins!

Kristen of Prayerworks Studios SpeaksJust so you know, I have learned from experience and by advice from many not to post my speaking fees. I’ve always struggled with that because I like transparency and want to make it easy for folks to decide whether to invite me to speak. And in some cases it works to post the fees. But in others – particularly for smaller churches – it doesn’t work because people immediately assume they can’t afford to host a prayer bead workshop or retreat. So not posting the fee structure allows us a chance to talk with people one-on-one and help them brainstorm ways to make it affordable: partnering with other local churches or organizations to share the costs; charging a registration fee that includes the costs of hosting the workshop; allowing me to sell prayer beads at the workshop (10% of proceeds go back to the host organization); etc. There are always ways. Still, seeing the numbers can make people nervous.

But in order for you to know how much of a discount you’re getting in this here Giveaway, you will need to know the costs. Plus, I trust you, so here goes:

2015 Leadership Fee Schedule

 2-Hours (Metro-Atlanta Area only)

  • $300 speaker’s fee
  • plus per person materials fee

All Other Locations 

  • 1 Day
    • $500 speaker’s fee
    • plus per person materials fee
    • plus travel costs
  • 2 Days
    • $750 speaker’s fee
    • plus per person materials fee
    • plus travel costs
  • 3 Days
    • $1000 speaker’s fee
    • plus per person materials fee
    • plus travel costs

Thus, the discounts I’m offering will be for the speaker’s fees as listed above.

As I’ve said many times before, leading workshops and retreats is one of my great loves, so I’d be thrilled to come hang out with you, talk and make prayer beads, and otherwise share in God’s deep love for us.

What We’re Giving Away

I’m giving away one half-price workshop or retreat. In addition, everyone who enters the Giveaway will be offered a 10% discount off my speaker’s fee if they book a workshop within the next two months (by November 10, 2015).

How to Enter the Giveaway

1. Would you like to schedule a prayer bead workshop or retreat for your church or group? If so, let me know in the comments below.

2. Do this by Friday, October 2, 2015. We will collect the names of everyone who posts a comment, enter them into a drawing, and randomly choose a winner. We will announce the winner here and on our Facebook page on Monday, October 5th.

10 Responses to September Giveaway: Discounted Prayer Bead Workshop

  1. Oh yes! We are using your book in trainings but would love to have a prayer retreat come spring. Ohio so it would be one day plus travel (which would include a hotel. Yhis would be amazing!

    • Hi Sarah! You are quick!. I love that you are using the books and are planning a retreat. Where in Ohio are you located/planning retreat location?

  2. This is so generous! I would love to host this in Lagrange. I have 2 sets of your prayer beads and I just bought a book. I think this would be a huge hit. Thank you for offering this up.

    • Thanks, Holly! I’m so glad you are loving the prayer beads and book! And I’m glad you entered the September Giveaway! I would love to come to LaGrange!


  3. This sounds like something my church would love. What a great way to structure prayer. Pick me or Holly. Same town, different churches! We can work it together 🙂
    Checking on spring possibilities.

    • Sherri –

      Thanks for entering our September Giveaway! We will definitely work something out between you and Holly! I’d love to come to LaGrange!


  4. Hi Kristen, it’s Karen from Kentucky. We’ve spoken before about you coming and leading a workshop/retreat for our District Time Apart/Spiritual Growth Retreat. This would be awesome and I would so look forward to seeing you again. I love reading your posts.

    • Hey Karen! It’s great to hear from you again! I’m so glad you have entered our September Giveaway! I would love to come lead a retreat in Kentucky!


  5. Hi Kristin, I so enjoyed the morning workshop today at Inman Park UMC… I can tell that the prayer beads are going to be a wonderful prayer tool. As i mentioned, i am interested in having you lead a day away retreat for our women’s Bible study (Banquet Bible Study at Northside UMC) this spring. of course we would have to run it by a “committee ” haha! Thank you for this kind offer! The retreat probably would be in March.

    • Caroline –

      It was great having you in the workshop on Saturday! I’m so glad you enjoyed it. I look forward to being able to work something out with you to lead a retreat for Northside UMC! And thanks for entering our September Giveaway!