Quitting My Day Job (at least for now)!

Forgive my silence for the past month!  I have missed getting to write new prayer bead devotions and talk about prayer beads.  But at least I can report that I’ve been doing really cool things with my time. 

I’m thrilled to report that I’m now a full-time writer and prayer bead designer!  As of the first of August I was able to discontinue my consulting business, at least for now, in order to devote my time full-time to creative ventures. 

I have the honor of working with a great friend of mine, Mark Johnson, to write his memoir, I Love Today.  Mark is one of the leading disability rights activists at the national level and has worked tirelessly to encourage people to connect with God and the people around them in order to create thriving communities.  If you are interested in learning more about Mark and/or keeping up with our progress, visit: www.facebook.com/markleejohnson.  I love to write, and am really excited to have the opportunity to do it on a full-time basis.

I’m the evenings I’m continuing to develop new prayer bead designs, write devotions, and talk with people about their prayer lives.  I’m currently working on some new, very non-traditional designs for prayer beads and will be introducing them very soon.  I’m also busy filling orders from both individuals and stores.  We now have our beads in three stores: Cokesbury at Duke Divinity School (Durham, NC), St. Martin’s Episcopal Church gift shop (Houston, TX), and Heritage House (Northport, AL), and we will soon be in the Cokesbury store at Lake Junaluska (Waynesville, NC).  And lastly, I’m starting to develop our first workshop on prayer beads! 

Anyway, that’s all to say that I apologize for not being able to provide you with new prayer bead devotions, discussions on prayer, and more information about the history and use of prayer beads, but I’m finally settling into my new routine and will be back on track this week. 



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