Prayerworks Studio Update: New Website, New Video, and More!

The good news is this: there is no grass growing under our feet in the Studio! These past few months have been about big developments and exciting plans. Here’s the lowdown:

New Website

Our brand new website is and we are so excited to share it with you! It has more information and photos, more resources on prayer beads, more ways to connect with us and keep up to date with all we are doing. This site will also house our blog, which means we will no longer be using the blog at

Thus, if you are subscribed to the original “A Bead ‘n a Prayer” blog, please take time to subscribe to our new blog here. All you have to do is enter your email address and you’ll be all set! If you have never subscribed, now’s a good time to start!

New Prayer-Bead-Making Video

Y’all love to make prayer beads! How do I know? Our no-frills prayer-bead-making video received so many views that The Upper Room decided it was time to spiff it up. They hired a professional film crew to redo it, which gave me the chance to hang out with Sharon Conley and other Upper Room staff while we worked on it. Everyone did a great job because the video looks great! Check it out!

New Blog Reader Submission Series

Our blog is one of our favorite ways of sharing prayer and prayer beads with y’all, so we’ve decided to expand it and add even more elements to it! There will be weekly posts that include prayer bead devotions, guest blog posts, Studio updates, and other fun things.

What I’m most excited about, though, is our new reader submission series: “How Prayer Beads Helped Me To . . .” We’d love to hear from you! What difference have prayer beads made in your life? How have they helped you? We invite you to submit your story. We’ll choose one story each month to feature on the blog. To submit, send your story to: support (at)

Remember to subscribe to the new blog!

New Daily Meditation Series

Beginning today, we will send out a daily meditation. Every meditation will consist of just one line, making it quick to read and take with you throughout the day. The meditations are designed to be repeated, helping you to calm yourself, focus, and hear God’s voice in your life. Thus, you can use them with your prayer beads, while you’re doing the dishes or sitting at a stoplight, etc. Meditations will be posted via social media: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Connect with us for your daily dose of centering prayer!

New Monthly Giveaway

Free stuff! What’s not to love?!? On the first Monday of every month we’ll be giving away something fun, whether prayer beads, books, or other cool stuff. Stay tuned!

My sister, Jackie, and me
My sister, Jackie, and me

New Staff

So many new things! Clearly, I’ve had some help! Meet Jackie Mills, Prayerworks Studio’s new Director of Marketing. Even better: she’s my sister! Jackie has been working with me since March and has already added wonderful energy, brilliant ideas, and multiple talents to our work, not to mention wicked humor (following the new video she has taken to cackling and calling me Martha Stewart because of my voice). Welcome, Jackie!

We hope you are as excited as we are about all these new things! We are excited to take this prayer bead adventure to a whole new level!

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  1. Will you have a calendar of events posted somewhere? I live in Warner Robins and would love to be able to attend one of your workshops!