Prayer Cards

Kristen’s mother, Barbara, is the artist behind these gorgeous prayer cards. Barbara writes:

For several years I’ve been a student of calligraphy, drawing, and art, and have enjoyed them as hobbies. I have prospered from the patient instruction of many fine teachers.

Throughout my life I’ve been blessed by the prayers and encouragement from friends and family. I’ve certainly been aware of how much these have meant to me and know that we are called to love, support, and minister to each other.

When Kristen began a ministry in Protestant prayer beads a few years ago, she asked me to use my art background to make cards for her. I was happy but reluctant to do that – not feeling like what I had to offer was “good enough.” Recently she asked again. When I looked at the same quotes and scriptures that she gave me 2 years ago, they took on an entirely personal meaning. They “spoke to me” and I suddenly began to wish that they would “speak through me.” I could “see” how I would design them on a card. They were alive and I knew this was a wonderful thing!

As author, Robert Benson, wrote about prayer, “I think our lives are saying that we need some sacred spaces and sacred things in them. We need some things that are as mysterious as the Mystery itself.” Whether the sacred spaces be in your mind, your heart, on a piece of paper, or within a quiet moment with God, I pray that we would honor and respond to them. We are called upon to love one another. I pray that these cards will speak to you and provide a means for loving and encouraging others.

We are pleased and honored to offer Barbara’s cards in our studio (link to our shop). We also invite you to visit Barbara’s Etsy shop: Sacred Spaces Designs.