Prayer Beads: Yes, It’s OK for Protestants

“Is it okay for Protestants to use prayer beads?”

In the five years I’ve been writing and teaching about prayer beads, this is, by far, the number one question I hear.

The subtext of the question seems to be, “Are we going to get struck by lightning if we use beads in prayer?” There is fear, or at least, concern.

Granted, not everyone is tentative about using beads. Many people take up the beads without hesitation, thrilled to have another tool for prayer. But there are enough that it warrants addressing the question, particularly in my (southern) neck of the woods.

Read more on how I address this question.

Protestant prayer beads

2 Responses to Prayer Beads: Yes, It’s OK for Protestants

  1. Hi there…I checked your store for the prayer bead you showed here. I did not see it there however. Is it available in a chaplet from you? Really thought it was a nice combination and quite striking. I have been wanting to try prayer beads as I love what you say about them, when I first saw your article in the Upper Room devotional. Thanks! Claire