Prayer Beads To Go

I’ve had several requests for prayer beads that can be worn as a bracelet or a necklace.  I love the idea of having some thing that is both decorative and functional, and which enables you to have your prayer beads with you all the time.

My friend, Randy, volunteered to be my “Prayer Beads To Go” tester.  He and I worked together to develop a set.  It was great training for me, both because I learned how to make a bracelet and because I could practice creating designs that appeal to men.  I was pleased with the final product, and I think Randy was as well. 

Here are two pictures of the final product.  The bracelet is comprised of one silver bead that is doing double duty as the Invitatory Bead and a Cruciform Bead (if he makes two rounds of the bracelet he will have completed the full cruciform of a full set of prayer beads).  It also has these great glass beads that have hints of blue, brown, and grey, as well as these wonderful bronze matte seed beads.  (Unfortunately, my camera is on its last legs and the close-up shot came out very fuzzy.  I’ll replace it as soon as I can.  But the picture of Randy modeling the bracelet turned out great.)

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