Our New Branding

It’s been almost three years since I first heard my calling to make prayer beads.  What an amazing ride it’s been!  I am continually in awe by the signs of God’s work: how people are responding at such a deep level to the prayer beads, wanting to know more about them and yearning to connect with God in a deeper way.  And I’ve been surprised by the numerous opportunities that have opened up for me to share this prayer tool with people.  Along the way, my faith and relationship with God have deepened.  Somehow, I think that was part of the plan all along.

As I’ve shared before, at this point I’m ready to go full-time with this prayer bead adventure: teaching, speaking, writing, and making prayer beads.  To that end I’ve been working with an extremely talented graphic designer, Amber Mabe, to develop a logo and brand for Prayerworks Studio.  (Not surprisingly, I discovered her on Etsy, which is not only where I sell my prayer beads but also my constant addiction.)  After several months, much creative work, and many tweaks, I am ready to unveil our new logo:

When Amber and I began working together I explained that the purpose of the beads was to lead us into a deeper relationship with God through prayer and listening.  I also explained that, when talking about prayer beads, the numbers have meaning, particularly the numbers three and seven.  Amber offered several concepts, all of which were incredible.  It was a difficult choice.  But ultimately, I chose this concept.

I love the three circles!  I love that they represent the Trinity, just as they can also represent the path of the beads, leading both to and away from you.  The fact that the circles are hollow invites you in, reminding you of the community of prayer you enter as you follow the path of the beads.

On either side of the three large circles are seven smaller circles.  These represent the Protestant (Anglican) prayer bead format, made up of four sets of seven beads.  The number seven also has a special significance for Christians: it represents spiritual perfection, something for which we strive through prayer.  The two sets of seven beads are almost reminiscent of two hands.  They could be our hands holding the beads, or they could be God’s hands receiving our prayers.  I love this new brand for this ministry.  It is fresh, colorful, hip, meaningful.

Thanks to Amber, I also have stunning new business cards and wonderful postcards I’ll be sending out to retreat centers and churches.  I want to find new opportunities to speak and teach about prayer beads.  If you know of any churches or retreat centers that I should contact, please let me know.

I would love to hear your reaction to our new branding!  And if you are in the market for a logo or other branding items, I highly recommend Amber.  She is just so talented.

One Response to Our New Branding

  1. You gotta love something that is beautifully done, well thought out, and multi-layeredly (just made that up) meaningful. Yeah, everyone, particularly God!