November Giveaway: Prayer Notepads

I am glad for this time of year. Particularly in light of the ongoing heartache and violence in the world, I am glad for Thanksgiving, and an opportunity to share my gratitude. It is so needed, especially as we grieve the attacks on Paris, France. Gratitude is a subversive act, one that declares hope and proclaims grace in the midst of pain, death, and despair. We can see photos, Tweets, and video footage of the attacks and still lift up signs of God’s mercy in the world. God is with us. And we are eternally grateful.

IMG_7985So this month I want to encourage you to share your gratitude with us. Whether it’s in the form of words, prayers, photos, etc., we would love to know what you are grateful for. In gratitude, we would like to give away a 4-pack of our Prayer Notepads. These handy notepads offer a great place to keep track of the things you want to lift up in prayer. Use it to note joys, concerns; to record the things you want to share with – or hear from – God; to list the things for which you are thankful.

To get things going, I want to share my gratitude list:

  • You – the people who are walking along in this journey of prayer and prayer beads with me. You encourage me, teach me, entertain me, pray for me, and reveal God’s image to me. I give thanks for you every time I think of you.
  • People in the world who are taking risks every day to minister to folks in need. Syria, Paris, Atlanta, etc. – Jesus is everywhere needing to be fed, clothed, healed, taken in.
  • Continued clarity in my calling, and in my authentic self. Makes me cry tears of deep gratitude.
  • My sister, who is working with me. She adds insight, skill, laughter, and connection to my work.
  • My new bead cabinet. Now my beads are visible and organized in a vintage apothecary cabinet. Love.
  • The Calm app. I am using it everyday and loving how it helps me connect, be still, destress, and fall asleep.
  • The new Muppets show. Animal and Sweetums will always have my heart. Tuesday nights are filled with excitement in my household. My husband and I enjoy getting to share our favorite childhood show with Matthew.

What We’re Giving Away

A 4-pack of Prayer List Notepads (a $20 value).

How to Enter the Giveaway

1. Share what you are grateful for, whether through words, a prayer, photos, etc. Be creative!

2. Post the photo to Twitter (@prayerworksnews), Instagram (@prayerworksstudio), Facebook (Prayerworks Studio), or here in the comments section.

3. Use #gratitude and #pwsbeads if you are using social media.

2. Do this by Friday, November 27, 2015. We will collect the names of everyone who posts, enter them into a drawing, and randomly choose a winner. We will announce the winner here and on our Facebook page on Monday, November 30th.


3 Responses to November Giveaway: Prayer Notepads

  1. My, there are so many things to be thankful for. We are truly blessed!
    I cannot let the opportunity pass to give thanks to The Lord for answering all the prayers for my grand daughter who was born prematurely on Aug 1st, weighing just 2lbs 10 oz.
    Today, only 3 months old she is a plump 10 pounder. I can’t get over how plump her cheeks are! 🙂
    They remind me that God heard and answered our prayers!

  2. Y’all r awsome to God b the Glory! So amen to all u have said and by the way Love that Muppets show too?