Night and Day

Yesterday I prayed, but not until 7:30pm.  I didn’t blog.

Today, I prayed at 9:00am.  That’s progress!  It was good to have that as the foundation for my day, whether it be calm or chaotic. 

I read Psalm 139, which reminded me that “my path and my lair you winnow, and with all my ways are familiar” (verse 3).  It is good to know that God knows my ways, even my crazy attempts to deal with chaos on my own.  That He is there, waiting patiently, when, finally, I call to Him to pull me up from the troubled waters and set me safely down on solid rock.  And as He dries me off he gently scolds me, reminded me that there is no place that I can go where He is not there also, with me (verse 7).

So I might as well stop to pray, if only to let myself know that God is with me.

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