September 2016


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Sharing prayer beads with soldiers with PTSD

Many of you know I’ve been working with soldiers with PTSD. It has become one of the best parts of my job. I love meeting them, sharing with them, listening to them, and seeing the prayer beads they create. I love how, weeks or months later, I hear how the prayer beads have become an integral part of their lives. It is humbling and beautiful.
For the past year I have been donating my time and costs for driving from Atlanta to Augusta, however, from a financial perspective I cannot continue to do this. That’s why I launched a Generosity campaign this week. My blog posts about the soldiers are always among my most popular, which tells me lots of folks are supportive of and interested in this work. I’m hoping y’all might be willing to contribute to my campaign and help me continue to share prayer beads with the soldiers.

Click here to learn more about how you can be a part of my work and I would love for you to share my story.

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Facebook Live Video Chat!

Join Kristen as she talks about her work with soldiers with PTSD. She’ll share photos, stories, and insights.

Join us on
October 18th at 8:30pm EST
with your questions, comments, and experiences.

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New in the Studio

Aqua blue Czech glass with picture jasper and a dove pendant made of olive wood from the Holy Land
Connection at all times.


Many of the soldiers I work with choose to carry prayer strands, rather than a full set of prayer beads. The strand fits well in their pocket, allowing them to always keep their beads close by.

In honor of the soldiers, I’m offering a 15% discount on all prayer strands. No discount code is necessary. Offer experience 10/15/16.


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 PRAYING: Healing spiritual pain

Daily Meditation

Prayer Bead Devotion

This devotion is for the soldiers with PTSD, and for all those who struggle with spiritual pain.

Cross: God of Healing,
Invitatory Bead: even when I do not feel it,
Resurrection Bead: you are with me.
First Cruciform Bead: I am hurting. Help me.
Week Beads, Set 1: Use each bead to acknowledge your pain, inviting God into it.
Second Cruciform Bead: I have a story to share, the truth of my pain. Help me.
Week Beads, Set 2: Use each bead to tell the story of your pain, and feel that God is listening as you speak your truth.
Third Cruciform Bead: I have so many feelings and questions. Help me.
Week Beads, Set 3: Use each bead to share with God whatever feelings or questions you have about your pain and healing process.
Fourth Cruciform Bead: I want to be whole and at peace. Help me.
Week Beads, Set 4: Use each bead to pray for wholeness and peace; to sit still with God and allow God to minister to you; to breathe deeply and know God’s deep love for you.
Resurrection Bead: God of Healing,
Invitatory Bead: heal me.
Cross: Amen

Listening Meditation (repeat with each bead): Heal me.

Kristen’s Favorite Things

Saratoga Warhorse

My workshop for the soldiers is part of the larger Functional Recovery Program (FRP) at Eisenhower Army Medical Center. FRP is a three-week intensive outpatient program for soldiers with a dual-diagnosis of PTSD and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). It is also multidisciplinary, involving medicine, physical therapy, exercise, yoga, meditation, talk therapy, stress management, couples’ counseling, pottery, prayer beads, etc.

One of FRP’s coolest components is equestrian therapy. FRP has partnered with Saratoga Warhorse, an innovative program that pairs veterans with retired racehorses. The horses themselves are in need of healing: they were born and bred for one thing only – horse racing – so life off the track is confusing and disturbing for them. Many of them struggle with aggression, depression, isolation, etc. This is not unlike the experience of soldiers returning from combat.

Although I have not seen it firsthand, I have heard the most incredible stories about what happens when the soldiers come together with the horses. Words are not necessary; there is an implicit understanding. They communicate and care for each other, leading each other to places of peace and trust. I imagine it is profound.

I invite you to check out the website for Saratoga Warhorse. You will see wonderful photos and read stories about its impact. And you will be blessed.

Saratoga WarHorse Foundation – Taking Action. Making Connections …