November 2016

It’s November and together we are stronger! Thank you for connecting with us each month. Feel free to share with your friends!

 Our Latest News

Our New Book is Off to Production!

I’m thrilled to share that my next book, Beads of Healing: Prayer, Trauma, and Spiritual Wholeness, is out of my hands and off to production! That is no small thing: the past three months have been a steady back-and-forth of revisions between me and my editor. The perfectionist in me had to finally let it go and trust it to God. I can’t wait to share it with you! We should see the first copies some time around February 2017.

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Did you see my latest video?

If you haven’t, go check it out. I am chatting about how we get through this election aftermath AND the holidays. Because it can be tricky. Specifically, I talk about God’s deep love and how that might impact the conversations we have with others.

This is one that you don’t want to miss!

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We’re having a

From Saturday Nov. 26th thru Cyber Monday Nov. 27th everything is on sale!

Just use code CYBER30 and get 30% off your order at our Etsy Store.

We will see you there!

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New in the Studio

Prayer Beads Make Great Christmas Gifts!

We have been busy in the Studio creating many new prayer bead designs.

You can view them all in our Etsy shop. Everything is ready to be shipped and arrive in plenty of time for gift-wrapping. If you don’t see a color or design you like, let us know and we’ll discuss a custom order for you.

 Praying: Building Community

Daily Meditation

Prayer Bead Devotion

It’s been a tumultuous time in our country recently. Emotions and tensions are high, leading to disagreements and division. Even among family members, neighbors, church members, and coworkers, people are having a hard time finding common ground. I know I have been struggling personally.

But what I keep going back to is the phrase, “deeply loved.” We are deeply loved by God. Republicans and Democrats, Independents and Libertarians, rich and poor, employed and unemployed; all races, all ages, all faiths, all abilities, all genders and sexualities, all nations: we are ALL deeply loved by God. We are ALL created in God’s image. And I wonder if that can help in this moment in time. What difference can it make that we are all the same in God’s eyes? How can that impact our conversations?

I invite you to pray this devotion and see what you notice.

Cross: God of all,
Invitatory bead: who loved each of us
Resurrection bead: to send your Son, Jesus Christ, to be with us.
First cruciform bead: I proclaim that you are the God of Deep Love.
Week beads, set 1: Use each bead to consider what it means that God is the God of deep love.
Second cruciform bead: Help me to know that you love me deeply.
Week beads, set 2: Use each bead to acknowledge, know, feel, and revel in the fact that God loves YOU deeply. What does that mean for you?
Third cruciform bead: Help me to know that you love others deeply.
Week beads, set 3: Use each bead to acknowledge, know, feel, and revel in the fact that God loves everyone else deeply as well. What does that mean for you? How does that impact the way you interact with people you disagree with, dislike, or don’t trust?
Fourth cruciform bead: Help me to live out your deep love for others.
Week beads, set 4: Use each bead to consider how you can reflect God’s deep love for others and share that message with them.
Resurrection bead: In the name of Jesus Christ,
Invitatory bead: the embodiment of your deep love.
Cross: Amen

Listening Focus: I am deeply loved by God.

Kristen’s Favorite Things

Help to End Sex Trafficking

Thistle Farms is a fabulous nonprofit devoted to helping victims of sex trafficking, prostitution, and addiction. They run a two-year residential program to help the women transition, heal, and rebuild their lives. They also coordinate a global farm initiative that provide organic ingredients for their thriving Home & Body shop and Thistle Stop Cafe. Their products include wonderful lotions, scrubs, and lip balms as well as bug repellant, candles, scarves, and many other fun things. I’m especially a fan of their lavender body wash and hand soap. Check out their website, and support this wonderful ministry.

In a similar vein, my sister Jackie just turned me on to an organization called Truckers Against Trafficking (TAT). TAT trains truck drivers and truck stop employees to recognize and report signs of sex trafficking. Their work has led to the rescue of many victims, and the arrest of many perpetrators. How cool is that? Their website is full of videos and information about their mission. I hope you’ll check it out!