March 2016

It’s March and Spring is here! Thank you for connecting with us each month. Feel free to share with your friends!


 Our Latest News

General Conference 2016 Update
We have been overwhelmed by your response to our news about prayer beads at General Conference 2016! To date we’ve had 69 orders for GC16 Prayer Strand Kits, representing a total of 2,750 prayer strands! That’s amazing! There’s still time to order your kits if you want to be involved.

We need 2,000 prayer strands for GC16, however, at this time we don’t know how many of the completed prayer strands (from the kits) will be returned to us, since some people are choosing to keep the strands and use them to pray for GC16. So far, we have received about 500. If you want your prayer strands to be part of GC16 (they will be handed out during opening worship), please return them to Kristen by 4/30/16. Thanks!

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kristen-max-spring-2015_(10_of_63)Book #3 Update

The writing for Book #3, aka The Book I Was Born to Write, is going well. The deadline for the manuscript has been extended to May 1st, so I have one month left! I’m about 2/3 of the way through it, but it’s the last third that’s proving to be the most challenging. I would appreciate your writing prayers!

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New in the Studio

Inman Park Festival

This year we will be at Inman Park Festival for the first time! Festival is a huge deal and is ranked one of Atlanta’s top craft shows. We anticipate meeting thousands of new folks! Thus, we’re busy in the Studio creating new prayer bead designs. We are also planning to feature hand-stamped bracelets for the first time, each stamped with a word or phrase such as pray, grace, deeply loved, be still, etc. We hope you’ll come see us!

 Praying: EASTER

Daily Meditation

Prayer Bead Devotion

This month’s prayer bead devotion focuses on the resurrection of Jesus Christ

Cross: Dear Lord,

Invitatory Bead: It is because of your grace and love that we can proclaim:

Resurrection Bead: Christ is risen!

First Cruciform Bead: We praise you for the gift of your Resurrected Son!

Week Beads, 1st Set: Use each bead to offer praise to God for the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Second Cruciform Bead: We confess that Jesus Christ is our Savior!

Week Beads, 2nd Set: Use each bead to consider what it means to confess that Jesus Christ is your savior.

Third Cruciform Bead: We commit to living as people of the Resurrected Christ!

Week Beads, 3rd Set: Use each bead to consider what it means to live as one who has been offered the gift of forgiveness, resurrection, and eternal life.

Fourth Cruciform Bead: We thank you for the infinite love and grace you offer to us this Easter!

Week Beads, 4th Set: Use each bead to offer thanks to God for God’s gracious acts of love.

Resurrection Bead: Christ is risen! Alleluia!

Invitatory Bead: In your name we pray,

Cross: Amen


Kristen’s Favorite Things

As I shared last month, Julian of Norwich’s quote, “All shall be well,” is one of my favorites. Several years ago I was shopping on Etsy (my favorite addiction), looking for a print with this quote. Not only did I find one, but my search led me to a new (to me) shop called Raw Art Letterpress. I loved the artwork and could tell from the quotes that the shop owner had a deep spiritual life. I immediately placed an order for an “All shall be well” print, but I also added to my cart a print that said, “Silent/Listen.” The way the words were laid out made clear that the letters that make up the word silent are the same that comprise listen. How cool is that?!?

I framed both prints and take them with me to my prayer bead workshops and retreats. They always get a lot of attention. In particular, people are drawn to the “Silent/Listen” print. They have never considered the similarities between the two words.

In the years since I first encountered Raw Art Letterpress I have ordered a variety of prints, which has given me a chance to get to know Colette, the shop owner. My first instincts were correct, because she is clearly a woman of deep faith who leads a very contemplative life. This makes me love her artwork even more!

raw art letterpressThe best news?! Colette is offering all Prayerworks Studio fans a special discount! Type PRAYERWORKS into the discount code section at checkout to receive 10% off your entire order (for orders of $10 or more) (discount expires 12/31/16). How exciting!

Everything is available in a variety of colors and sizes, and many prints are also available as coffee mugs. Enjoy!

Silent/Listen 5×7 print

Silent/Listen greeting card

All Shall Be Well – various


Our Latest Podcast

from the well

The Academy for Spiritual Formation’s From the Well series.

Returning as Resurrection People: How Spiritual Practices Help Us Savor and Share our Pilgrimage Experiences


In Part II of this episode on Christian pilgrimage, we look at the challenge of returning from pilgrimage. Particularly during this time of Easter, how do we integrate our journey with Christ into our everyday lives? How do we share the gifts we have received with others? Dr. Loyd Allen and Reverend Jane Vennard help us consider how we can use spiritual practices such as prayer, journaling, worship, etc. to maintain our awareness of God’s transforming presence in our lives, so that together we can live into the joy of the Resurrection.

Listen on iTunes, Soundcloud, and Stitcher.