January 2017

Welcome to 2017! Thank you for connecting with us each month. Feel free to share with your friends!

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For the third year in a row, I am choosing a word for the year. The word is designed to set my intention for the year, to focus my prayers, guide me in my daily life, and deepen my relationship with God. I invited others to choose a word and then share it with us on my blog and Facebook page. The response was overwhelming! Read more.


Prayerworks Star Word Release

My Star Word for 2017: Release
Last year was all about Trust. This year is going to be about Release! It seems fitting given that my new book is about to be released. But I anticipate discovering all kinds of ways in which God is calling me to release. I plan to post periodic updates, so stay tuned.



Kristen Vincent of Prayerworks Studios Speaking

Lent/Spring 2017 Speaking Calendar is Almost Full: Book Now!

Aside from Fall, Spring is by far my busiest time of the year. Everyone wants prayer beads for the new year, Lent, and spring! And with the imminent release of my new book, my calendar is almost full! In terms of weekends, the only weekend that remains available is April 22/23. We do have a number of weekdays available, so please contact us to discuss.

Several of my upcoming speaking events are open to the public. Here’s a list of those you are welcome to join and we would love to see you there:

January 21 – Roswell United Methodist Church, Roswell GA
February 11 – Greenwoood First Baptist Church, Greenwood GA
February 25 – Dunwoody UMC, Dunwoody GA
March 3-5 – NGC Confirmation Retreat
March 11 – Grand Rapids FUMC, Grand Rapids Michigan

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 New in the Studio

Coming Soon: Deeply Loved Boxed Sets!


Those of you who follow me know my signature phrase is “Deeply Loved.” I say it all the time. It’s inspired by Daniel 10:19 which (paraphrased) reads: “Do not fear, for you are deeply loved by God. Be at peace.” It’s a message that I need to hear on a daily basis, and I believe it’s a message the whole world needs to hear: You are deeply loved by God.

To help spread that message, we are getting ready to launch our new “Deeply Loved” product line. To start us off, we are planning to offer a gift box full of our new products including:

  • an I am Deeply Loved candle
  • a Deeply Loved hand stamped bracelet
  • a Deeply Loved muslin drawstring pouch
  • a You are Deeply Loved greeting card (made by my mom!)
  • a limited edition Deeply Loved set of prayer beads

All of this comes in a stylish box ready for gift-giving. Or keep it for yourself, because you, too, are deeply loved!

Our Deeply Loved Boxed Sets will be ready for order in time for February and Valentine’s Day. Stay tuned for updates!

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 Praying: Living with intention

Those of you who follow our (somewhat) daily meditations may have noticed our monthly themes. A few months ago we decided to assign a theme to each month, using it as a basis for our prayer bead devotions, meditations, newsletter, Facebook Live videos, etc. It worked well enough that we’ve decided to make it official!

January’s theme is Intention. This seemed like a good word for the new year, and connects nicely with our talk about choosing a Star Word for 2017.

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Cross: God of Intention,

Invitatory Bead: who sent your son, Jesus Christ

Resurrection Bead: so that we might know your intent:

First Cruciform Bead: All of Creation was intentional; nothing was accidental. How marvelous are your works!

Week Beads, Set 1: Use each bead to praise God and consider how everything was formed with God’s intent.

Second Cruciform Bead: I confess that I do not always live with intention.

Week Beads, Set 2: Use each bead to consider and confess the ways in which you may not always live with intention (i.e. checking out, going through the motions, not paying attention, shying away from your calling, etc.)

Third Cruciform Bead: You created us in your image so that we might reflect your intent.

Week Beads, Set 3: Use each bead to marvel at the fact that you were created in God’s image, and identify the ways in which you reflect God’s intent.

Fourth Cruciform Bead: Help me to live with intention so that I may bring you glory.

Week Beads, Set 4: Use each bead to consider the ways in which you can begin (or continue) to live with intention.

Resurrection Bead: In the name of your son, Jesus Christ

Invitatory Bead: who lives and reigns with us.

Cross: Amen

One-line Meditation – Repeat the following phrase with each bead, allowing the words to sink into your heart and open you to the sound of God’s voice.

Meditation: I intend to serve God.

Kristen’s Favorite Things

Timothy Botts Calligraphy

As many of you know, my mom is an extraordinary artist and talented calligraphy. (She’s the talent behind all of the prayer cards in our Etsy shop!) A few years ago, mom gave me a daily calendar made by Timothy Botts, a well-known calligrapher and one who uses his art to glorify God. Each page of the calendar is a gorgeous illustration of a verse of the Bible. During morning prayer I take time to read the day’s verse and marvel at the beauty of Bott’s artwork, which often brings the words to life.

Bott’s website offers calendars, as well as prints, books, and cards. Whether you order anything or not, I encourage you to check out his stunning artwork.

Timothy Botts Calligraphy Website