January 2016

The word "trust" and prayer beads

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Our Latest News

Photo by Kathleen Barry, United Methodist Communications

Our latest blog post is on Trust – Kristen’s 2016 Star (or Epiphany) Word.

Our latest “From the Well” podcast for The Upper Room’s Academy for Spiritual Formation is titles, “All In: Experiencing God’s Friendship in a Broken World.” Featuring presentations from Trevor Hudson and Safiyah Fosua, it looks at the ways we are called to offer friendship to all people, including those we don’t connect with, like, or understand.

Also, we have a BIG announcement coming next week. Tune in!

New in the Studio

This February 14th – Valentine’s Day – is the 7th anniversary of Mark Johnson’s vision that inspired the book, I Love Today. This was the first book I wrote, and I had the best time working with Mark to tell his story of healing, enlightenment, and hope. In honor of this anniversary, we are offering a special on the book: one for $14 or two for $25, plus shipping. You can order directly from our Etsy shop. Enjoy!


Daily Meditation

Prayer Bead Devotion

This month’s prayer bead devotion focuses on Thanksgiving for God’s Blessings.

The LORD bless you and keep you. The LORD make his face shine on you and be gracious to you. The LORD lift up his face to you and grant you peace.

Numbers 6:24-26

God instructs Moses to offer this blessing to the Israelites at a time when they are struggling. They have been wandering in the desert for many years. They are tired, frustrated, and feeling abandoned by God. We too experience joy and hardship in our lives. At times we feel fatigued, frustrated, grieved, and angry. Sometimes we may feel abandoned by God. In those times we can remember this blessing. We can remember that God is with us and that God’s face always shines on us. We can remember that God offers us all-encompassing peace to lead us through the hardships and the joys of our lives. And we can give thanks.


Cross: God of abundant love,

Invitatory Bead: you express your love in many ways

Resurrection Bead: through your son, Jesus Christ.

First Cruciform Bead: Thank you for blessing me and protecting me.

Week Beads, First Set: use each bead to feel God’s blessing and protection.

Second Cruciform Bead: Thank you for shining your face on me.

Week Beads, Second Set: use each bead to feel the warmth and love of God’s face shining on you.

Third Cruciform Bead: Thank you for being so gracious to me.

Week Beads, Third Set: use each bead to consider the many ways in which the Lord is gracious to you, and give thanks.

Fourth Cruciform Bead: Thank you for your gift of peace.

Week Beads: Fourth Set: use each bead to receive God’s gift of peace, to give thanks for it, and to consider the ways in which you can live into God’s peace.

Resurrection Bead: In the name of Jesus Christ,

Invitatory Bead: who perfectly embodied your peace,

Cross: Amen.


With each bead: I live in God’s peace.

Excerpted from Another Bead, Another Prayer by Kristen E. Vincent and Max O. Vincent. Copyright © 2015 by Kristen E. Vincent and Max O. Vincent. All rights reserved. Used by permission of Upper Room Books.

Kristen’s Favorite Things

One reason I love to sell at craft shows is because I also get to meet other artists. This can be dangerous, because I am tempted to buy a lot! But it can also be amazing, like at a craft show this past November when I met Kristin Replogle.

Kristin is a Georgia artist who primarily works with handmade paper, acrylics, and pastels. Y’all, her work is STUNNING. Walking through the craft show, I was instantly drawn to her work, only to find that it is dedicated to God! I stumbled upon her booth after the craft show had ended for the night, and Kristin was already gone. That whole evening I thought about her work and couldn’t wait to return to the show the next morning to meet Kristin and shop! That was just the beginning, as I ended up returning to her Etsy shop many times to purchase Christmas gifts and wall hangings for my studio and workshops. My current favorite is “In Your Strength.” I cannot get enough of it!

What I love most about Kristin’s work is that it is – essentially – modern iconography. She is painting visual prayers or images from Scripture. Bonus: on the back of every piece is a prayer that is then followed by a response from God. And the response is ALWAYS full of love. How great is that?!? It is a visual reminder that God always answers prayer, always from a place of love.

Kristin’s work and faith come from a place of deep gratitude, as she writes:

I have always enjoyed creating and have had a deep love of art. In 2003 my life was radically changed when I was diagnosed with lymphoma. God did a healing miracle in me. Since then, my work has changed to reflect my deep love, gratitude, and devotion to The Lord for giving me many miracles and another chance at life. My brightly colored spiritually based work is created with handmade papers, acrylics, and pastels. Prayer and worship are essential to my creative process.

Kristin offers prints on paper and canvas and wood panels, greeting cards, coffee mugs, and other media. Her work is affordable and shipping is fast. I hope you will check out Kristin’s artwork and enjoy these gorgeous representations of God’s deep love for us.


Upcoming Workshops

Prayer bead workshop

Why use prayer beads? What benefit can they have in prayer? Is it really okay for Protestants to use prayer beads? And how do you use them? Join Kristen and Max Vincent, award-winning authors of A Bead and a Prayer: A Beginner’s Guide to Protestant Prayer Beads, and Another Bead, Another Prayer: Devotions for Use with Protestant Prayer Beads, as we discuss these and other questions during this workshop. Together we will explore the history of this ancient prayer tool and its modern-day uses. Participants will have an opportunity to make their own set of prayer beads. Saturday, February 6, 10am – 12pm, Inman Park Church multi-purpose room, 1015 Edgewood Avenue, Atlanta, GA 30307. Cost is $25/person. Register

Family Prayer bead workshop

Prayer beads are a wonderful tool for children. The shiny, colorful beads can draw them into prayer and get them excited about praying. The beads can also help kids feel connected to God and give them some structure for their prayers. Join Kristen and Max Vincent to learn how prayer beads can be used in family devotions. Participants will have an opportunity to make a mini set of prayer beads. Sunday, February 7, 12pm – 1:30pm (includes lunch), Inman Park Church basement, 1015 Edgewood Avenue, Atlanta, GA 30307. Cost is $10/person – maximum $40 per family
(scholarships are available). Register