June First Monday Giveaway: We Have a Winner(s)!

We had a wonderful response to our first First Monday Giveaway! So many of you were inspired by my mom’s prayer cards and shared great ideas for how to use them. It was fun to read your comments!

And now to announce our winner! Using www.random.org, I entered the names of everyone who submitted a comment on our Facebook page. The result was: Anne Beazley!

My mom's Thank You card - so gorgeous!
My mom’s Thank You card – so gorgeous!

Anne wrote: I would use them as I use my beads, either each card for each bead or repeat a card with each bead. I would share them with my friends in my Bible Study class. Congratulations, Anne! You are the winner! Now you will have plenty of prayer cards to use in your prayer time and to share with the members of your Bible study!

But the fun doesn’t end there! After reading through the comments, my mom talked about how meaningful some of them were to her and highlighted her favorites. I suggested she choose one and offer a few cards to that person. She had such a hard time choosing that she decided to give cards to each of them. They are: Jill Fike, Monie Fulmer, Melynda Herring, and Jodie Howell. Thank you for your wonderful words! You will each receive two individual prayer cards!

Thanks for participating in our first giveaway! Join us again in July for the next one!

(Note: if your name is listed above, please contact me directly for further instructions to claim your prize: kevincent619 (at) gmail.com.)

One Response to June First Monday Giveaway: We Have a Winner(s)!

  1. Thank you, Kristen, and thank you to your mother as well. I feel very honored that she would choose to send me a gift of her beautiful prayer cards. You two have brightened my day.