It’s Here! The Book I Was Born to Write.

Y’all. It’s here.

Today is the official release of my newest book Beads of Healing: Prayer, Trauma, and Spiritual Wholeness.

I love this cover so much!
I love this cover so much!

Oh my goodness. I just can’t stand it, I’m so excited.

The cover is SO gorgeous. That’s one reason I love it.

And it’s another book about prayer beads. That’s even more reason to love it.

But mostly, I love it because I feel like this is the book I was born to write. No kidding. Sure, it’s my fourth book, and I love my previous books a lot. But this one . . . this one just feels different.

It contains more of me than any of my previous books. It shares a story that even just a few years ago very few people knew. It points to God’s deep, healing, gorgeous grace. It describes ways to use prayer beads that could offer significant hope to someone in pain. And while it covers some difficult territory, it is – first, middle, and last – a love story. That’s how I know it’s the book I was born to write.

Because I am so super excited about this book, I’ve worked with my team to do a few things:

  • We are offering a discount code on the book, both in my Studio and at Upper Room Books. Enter KVBOH17 to receive 20% off the book at checkout. (You can also get it on Amazon, though the code won’t work there.) (And yes, the book is available in paperback and digital formats.)
  • We’ve created an entire website dedicated to the book. It features bonus content such as photos from events described in the book, videos, and stories of hope and healing submitted by others. One of my favorite pages on the site features gorgeous memes (created by my sister, Jackie) that allow you to share quotes from the book on social media (or save them to your computer for beautiful wallpaper).

    How fun are these quote cards?
    How fun are these quote cards?!
  • We partnered with a fabulous Etsy artist to create a series of twelve cards featuring my favorite quotes from the book. They are so fun! We designed them so you could hang them up on your mirror, sit them on your desk, mark a page in your book, or hand them out to friends. They’re available in my Etsy shop.
  • We’re offering a giveaway! If you go to the comments below, or to our Facebook or Instagram pages, and share a story of when you experienced God’s healing touch (use #beadsofhealing), we will enter your name into a drawing. The winner will receive an autographed copy of the new book along with a set of quote cards. The deadline for entering is next Wednesday, March 8th.

I hope you will take time to check out the book. If you do, let me know what you think! I’d love to hear from you.

9 Responses to It’s Here! The Book I Was Born to Write.

  1. I’ve known the healing power of God in my life many times. The first was when I had colon cancer. He carried me through that and now I am 10 years out. He was with me every step of that journey, which is exactly what it was, a journey. I learned so much. This past summer I spent half of July in the hospital. I think it was almost worse than cancer. When it was all over and I went back to the doctor for a check up, he told me he couldn’t believe I would get better and would need a permanent colostomy. He said that my body had healed itself. I set him straight real quick. I told him that God had healed me, no doubt. I know there have been other times, but those two really stand out.

    • Laura – What a powerful testimony to the power of God’s healing presence and the peace God has provided you throughout many difficult times. Thanks so much for sharing! – Kristen

    • We’ve checked the code and it seems to be working. Refresh your broswer and give it another shot. Let us know if you still have problems.

    • Jenelle – I’m so sorry you encountered problems in trying to order! It looks like the code has been working over the weekend, so I’m hopeful we worked out the kinks. Please try one more time, but let me know if it still doesn’t work for you. Peace, Kristen

  2. Four weeks ago this past Friday, I was by my moms side when she took her last breath. Loosing my mother is the most profoundly painful experience I’ve ever been through. I have experienced Gods healing touch through my friends and family. My church family have shown so much love and compassion by being the heart, hands, and feet of Christ-food, cards, texts, hugs, calls continue to lift me. My sweet sweet mama would have been 93 next Monday, March 6. I have a hole that will not be filled, but with Gods healing touch, I have faith the days will become less focused on my loss and more on how blessed I have been.

    • Lori – What a terrible thing to lose your mom! I can only imagine how painful that must be for you. But know that God is with you even in the depths of your grief, sharing in your pain, providing you strength, and offering comfort. I pray you will become more aware of God’s presence each day. Peace, Kristen

  3. Absolutely and Positively So, So Blessed by what God does through Your/yalls worshipful art & gifts. Thanx,deb woods