Daily Devotions on change

Our theme this month is Change. We are always changing. We change our minds, we change our clothes, we change jobs. We change when we enter into new relationships or end existing ones; when we celebrate new life or grieve the end of one; when we make decisions, cast votes, adopt new routines, or flip to a new day/week/month/year on the calendar. We change.

Change is an inevitable part of life. Often it is anticipated and welcome, while other times it is surprising, even jarring. Sometimes it is subtle, other times it is dramatic. Change can be easy or it can be painful, but always, it requires adjustment. And always, it requires faith.

Whether change is easy or difficult, it calls us to respond faithfully.

Using one meditation each day.  Repeat the meditation with each breath, or using your prayer beads.

As you repeat it, notice what you feel and think.

What can that tell you about how to rely upon God during times of change?

Change is inevitable. How can I handle change faithfully?








How can I rely on God during times of change?