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Prayerworks Studio Cyber Monday Sale!

This past Saturday was Small Business Saturday, and while we didn’t have time to promote it, we appreciate those of you who purchased prayer beads to support our small family business.  To thank you, and to spread the love, our entire Etsy shop is on sale now! Everything is 25% off – our biggest discount… Continue Reading

Our Prayer Bead Workshops and Retreats

We’ve had many requests for information about our workshops and retreats, which is very exciting! Along with writing and making prayer beads, my passion lies in teaching and leading retreats. Workshops Certainly, my specialty is in offering prayer bead workshops. They provide an opportunity for me to talk about the history and use of prayer beads,… Continue Reading

Guest Post: Hanna Schock on Children’s Books and Prayer Beads

Note: this post is the beginning of a new guest blog series. Periodically, I will invite people to share their expertise, background, and ideas, all of which relate to prayer or prayer beads. Today’s guest is Hanna Schock, who I first introduced you to two weeks ago.  I’m so pleased to write a guest blog… Continue Reading

Why I Don’t Care If You Use Prayer Beads

I don’t care if you use prayer beads. I know that seems strange to say. After all, I’m the woman who is passionate about them. I’ve collected them for almost 25 years. I’ve built a living out of writing and teaching and speaking about prayer beads. I love praying with them and think they make… Continue Reading

Prayer Beads: Yes, It’s OK for Protestants

“Is it okay for Protestants to use prayer beads?” In the five years I’ve been writing and teaching about prayer beads, this is, by far, the number one question I hear. The subtext of the question seems to be, “Are we going to get struck by lightning if we use beads in prayer?” There is… Continue Reading

On Children’s Books and Prayer Beads: A Great New Resource

I have always loved children’s books. Indeed, my fantasy job is to own a children’s book store (I could be Meg Ryan in “You’ve Got Mail!”). I love the illustrations, the stories, the messages. I have kept many of the books my son has long since outgrown (according to him). I especially love anything by Doreen Cronin or… Continue Reading

Free Webinar on Ancient Prayer Practices

If you haven’t already seen it, the September/October 2013 edition of Interpreter magazine (published by United Methodist Communications) features an article titled “Practices of the Ancients Aid Modern Prayers.” It is a wonderful article that talks about the benefits of contemplative prayer, and includes an interview with me on prayer beads. As a follow-up to… Continue Reading

Welcome Readers of The Upper Room

Welcome to all of you who learned about us from The Upper Room! The response to our Prayer Workshop in the current edition has been incredible. Clearly, there is great excitement about the possibility of using beads to deepen our connection with God! We are thrilled about that! Currently, I am attending Session #3 of… Continue Reading

Days of Creation Prayer Strand

There wasn’t much hope for my eight-year-old son, Matthew. Being surrounded by prayer beads, accompanying me to workshops, and hearing endless discussions about beads at the dinner table, he was doomed to either love or hate them. Given that he hasn’t run away yet, I take that as a good sign. Indeed, he has embraced… Continue Reading