Book Review: Prayer for the Senses

Today I am featuring another Patheos blogger’s review of my book. This one is written by Elizabeth Nordquist of “A Musing Amma” blog. Elizabeth is a pastor, teacher, and spiritual director. Her writing style is quite beautiful.

Prayer for the Senses, A Book Review of A Bead and a Prayer by Kristen Vincent, by Elizabeth Nordquist

I sit with people in a practice we call spiritual direction, in which a central question is “How can I pray?” I am by character a “Word” person, one who responds well to spoken liturgy, to written prayers, and to words that come from within my own heart ad mind. However, I sit with many people for whom words are not a primary mode in which they communicate; they are more sensate, more activity driven, more aware of touch and sight, texture and color. For these seekers and other friends, I am always glad to be able to discover a resource that carefully and thoughtfully delineates a sensory prayer practice. Kristin Vincent has given us such a resource.

Her winsome story of being called to the ministry of Protestant prayer beads is a compelling one, as she both senses her own need and deliberately researches the history of the prayer practice. Read the rest here.

3 Responses to Book Review: Prayer for the Senses

  1. Fantastic Kristen! What a great review! AND, the news came today just before my third class in the study! ( My students are really “hooked” now!) Also, you should know that we had a special prayer bead experience last week for John.
    Next week will be a challenge for some in my class who have a bit of trouble slowing down enough to listen – just listen. l ask for your prayers as I try to encourage my class to “Be still…”. I love the way God plants seeds.

    Blessings! Barbara

  2. I am really interested in your devotion book for the prayer beads. I have given classes at our church on making the be ads, but I notice they are not being used because of needing a tool to use them. I believe the new book would be very helpful to me and the other women in our church. Please let me know when your book will be publishied.

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    • Sue Ann –

      I’m so glad to know of your interest in our upcoming book on devotions! I will definitely be posting updates about it here. But I’m sorry to hear that people are not using their prayer beads! Is there something specific they are wanting or needing that would be helpful? If so, let me know. I would love to know what else could help them in their prayer practice.