August Giveaway Winner Announced!

Congrats to Vicki Snowden, winner of this month’s Giveaway! Vicki was among several folks who posted comments about the quirky, life-changing, surprising, and wonderful ways God intervened in their lives. Here is Vicki’s story:

IMG_8135As amazed as I was at God’s miracles and even more amazed at my amazement, for who is better at miracles than God, I am even more amazed at the times he has guided me in new ways of old directions. Cleaning a closet doesn’t seem to be the ideal time to hear him speak because I’m so busy fussing about how messy it is, but that is one of the clearest times he spoke to me after I “retired” and discovered it really wasn’t time. God told me to call the school board and let them know I was available if needed as a counselor and within 15 minutes, I was on the road to a whole new “family” and a whole new understanding of what he had in store for me. When I found out later that the previous counselor had called that very morning and resigned, I knew without any doubt that it was God directing me out of the messy closet to work in the messy lives of a whole new group of “family.” No, it wasn’t a biker bar, but it was a closet that needed cleaning and I discovered it was more my life that needed the cleaning and organizing. Prayer comes in a variety of ways!

Such a great story of listening and following God’s guidance, no matter how or when it comes to us! Thanks for sharing it with us, Vicky! And congrats! You win the set of prayer beads I was making during our recent photo shoot. Enjoy!

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