An Update on Book #2 From My Husband (and Coauthor)

We have less than two weeks until book #2 – Another Bead, Another Prayer: Devotions to Use with Protestant Prayer Beads – goes to print. According to Upper Room Books, it will be available January 2015. Max (my husband and coauthor) and I are so excited to share this book with you!

Cover design for Another Bead, Another Prayer

Max is the author of a blog called Word Wonderings. In today’s post he shares lessons he’s learned through this process of collaborating on a book about prayer. I wanted to share his blog, which gives you another chance to get to know him.

Another Prayer and Praying One Another’s Prayers, by Max Vincent

My wife, Kristen, and I are nearing the end of the edits on the first book we have written together, Another Bead, Another Prayer. The heart of the book is a collection of 28 different devotions and meditations to use with protestant prayer beads. As we began drafting the book, we simply split up the prayers, each writing 14 different meditations and devotions. It has been a fun, rewarding, and, at times, challenging task. As we near the stage of publication, I can look back and see some important lessons I have learned about prayer in this process.

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3 Responses to An Update on Book #2 From My Husband (and Coauthor)

  1. Thank you Kristen and Max!

    I can’t wait for “Book #2”!! I’m a Lay Servant for the Williamsport Charge in the Columbia District in Middle TN. In July, I facilitated my very first small group study. I chose it to be “A Bead and a Prayer” and I was amazed that I had 9 members who attended! Here in the “Bible belt”, people are sometimes set in their ways, but if it had not been for the introduction to your 1st book, I would not have had these beautiful, and mostly older (70+) women in class! These women are mostly single, very into their church families, but have needed to find a personal quiet time with God. Most of them found the last class on “Listening to God” most valuable. I look forward to facilitating future classes. The Columbia District’s UMW groups are very interested!

    Thanks for your help as God’s gift to me as I work to be a good disciple!


    • Barbara –

      Your comments are such a gift to us! Thank you so much! We are thrilled to know about your ministry and the book study you did with your small group. I am most excited to hear their favorite chapter was the fourth chapter on “Listening to God.” That’s my favorite, too!

      We pray continued blessings on your ministry and women of the Columbia District of Middle Tennessee.