A Major Endorsement for Our Upcoming Book!

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I was sitting in my office Monday morning when I received an email from Jeannie Crawford-Lee, Editorial Director of The Upper Room Books. The first line indicated that Phyllis Tickle had agreed to endorse the book. I immediately began to cry. I’ve been a fan of Mrs. Tickle’s work for years and love to use her books on the Divine Office for morning and evening prayer. As founding editor of the Religion Department for Publishers Weekly, she is widely recognized as one of the leading experts on religion in America and is a prolific author and speaker on prayer and religion. Having her endorsement of the book is a huge gift!

But the tears really started to flow when I read what she wrote about the book:

“A Bead and a Prayer is one of the most accessible and downright delightful books I have ever read on prayer itself, not to mention being far and away the most informative about the making and use of prayer beads. Vincent has given us a veritable treasure trove of history, practical counsel and, most important, loving instruction.” – Phyllis Tickle

Wow. Somebody hand me a tissue.

(If you want to keep up with the book’s progress,  we just created the “Our Book” page above.)

13 Responses to A Major Endorsement for Our Upcoming Book!

  1. I am literally counting the weeks until the release of your book. I am so excited! And congratulations on your great endorsement. Coni Bornemann

    • Helen –

      Thanks for your interest in the book! And yes, absolutely! The book will be available in electronic format! We will continue to post updates on the blog about when it is actually available (expected date it July).


  2. Looking forward to the book. Have tried two times to order beads, but unsuccessful.

  3. I can’t seem to find the “our book” area to touch for keeping up with the books progress. Help please. Thank you, Sherry