A Leap of Faith

Today I submitted my application for The Upper Room’s Academy for Spiritual Formation.  It’s an intensive, two-year spiritual formation program that requires a great deal of reading, praying, writing, group discussion, personal reflection, and meditation.  If I’m accepted I’ll begin the Academy this August in Alabama.  I’ll have to be gone for five days at a time, eight times over the next two years.  It is a significant commitment.

I’m very excited and hopeful about this opportunity!  I believe it will help me grow deeper in my relationship with God, become a more faithful disciple, and develop a better of understanding of my calling and how to use it to glorify God.

During this time, I ask for your prayers.  I need prayers that I am accepted into the Academy.  And if I’m accepted I need prayers that I can raise the $6,000 necessary to complete the two-year program (I’m applying for a lot of scholarships), prayers for my family while I’m away for the eight weeks, and prayers as I enter this intensive spiritual experience.

I’ll keep you posted and let you know what happens!

Peace, Kristen

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