A Bead and a Prayer Named 2014 Book of the Year!

We did it! Thanks to your support and votes the Christian Small Publishers Association has named my book, A Bead and a Prayer: A Beginner’s Guide to Protestant Prayer Beads, their 2014 Book of the Year in the Christian Living category. How cool is that?!?

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I am deeply humbled by this honor and so appreciative of your encouragement and response to the book. I’m also thrilled because I know this award will help even more people learn about prayer beads and how they can enrich their prayer lives.

Kudos to Upper Room Books. This award honors their hard work, vision, and gorgeous publication as well.

Glory to God!

13 Responses to A Bead and a Prayer Named 2014 Book of the Year!

  1. Congratulations! A truly fascinating and compelling study on a more contemplative prayer experience.

  2. This book has been a blessing to many people in my church and where I work. After reading your book and learning how to make prayer beads, I have made and given away dozens of prayer beads, many made to order in colors and styles to fit the person’s prayer needs. It seems to have become a ministry. I make little mini ones and carry them on my purse to start conversations about Christian prayer beads. We started a prayer bead class using your book and the ladies bought the book then made their own prayer beads. Our pastor is awed at the interest in the congregation and had me display prayer beads on the alter during Lent. I always tell them the title of your book and where they can find it (mostly Amazon) . These beads are making such a difference in people’s prayer lives and learning history of prayer has helped some understand that these are a prayer tool and how to use them. The woman at our local bead store is Catholic and we have talked several times about these beads and what rosary and Christian prayer beads have in common and how they are different. It’s been an amazing path and I thank you and may God bless you for opening the way, that seemed closed to some of us, to talk to God.

  3. Congratulations Kristen. Your prayer beads have certainly been a positive influence in my life.

  4. Your prayer beads are beautiful and I really enjoyed your book (kindle edition). You even inspired me to make my own set of prayer beads! I was thrilled to be able to vote and glad your book was chosen. Blessings to you and yours. Brenda Jowers

  5. I have a suggestion for you. I asked for your address to send you a copy of it, with no response. No problem. When you decide to publish your Christian Year devotions in your style, I suggest that you have the compilation organized in a ring or spiral format, possibly with a pull-out stand so that each devotion or page of the devotion could stand open on a chair side or bedside table leaving the hands free to hold the beads without having to also hold the book open at the same time. I’m sure you’ve seen calendars or “scripture of the day” type things like that. When I taught the study at my church, I typed each of the prayers on card stock using the 2-column page format on my computer, then divided the page into quarter pages & held them together with a 11/2 inch ring at the top. For a stand, I used a 1/2 page cut lengthwise and folded in half. The prayers could also lay flat in a lap ( like on a kindle) leaving the hands free. I made enough for those in the group, but had a few leftover. It is primitive, but does the job. Thanks, and congrats, Coleen.

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