7-Day Deeply Loved Photo Challenge and Giveaway

It has been so fun to launch our new look and mission! Your response has been so positive and encouraging. I appreciate you SO much! You are absolutely one of the signs of God’s deep love in my life!

Photo taken by the extraordinarily talented Gerald Patrick of Gerald Patrick Photography.

In that vein I am starting a 7-day Photo Challenge tomorrow. The point of the challenge is to notice and share signs of God’s deep love in our lives. We are surrounded by signs of God’s love on a daily basis. That’s true whether we are happy or sad, whether we notice these signs or not. They are everywhere. The trick is doing what it takes to notice them: look up, look out, look away from your phone, walk outside, be present, be still. Once you see one sign, you’ll begin to see others, until one day you will begin to notice these signs without having to work at it. And as you notice more signs you’ll grow more confident in God’s deep love for you. Which may or may not be the goal of this whole exercise.

So please join me in this 7-day Deeply Loved Photo Challenge! Beginning tomorrow, Wednesday, October 4th, through next Tuesday, October 10th, post a picture or write a sentence describing one sign of God’s deep love you’ve noticed in your day. Post them on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter using #deeplyloved. You can also post them in the comments below.

Everyone who participates will be entered into a random drawing for one of our “I am Deeply Loved” candles.

“Do not fear, for you are deeply loved by God. Be at peace.” – Daniel 10:19

By the way, the photo above is one of my all-time favorite pics. It beautifully captures our son, Matthew, loving on our dog, Gracie. A true “deeply loved by God” moment.

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    • If you are on social media you can post to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and use #deeplyloved. You can also go directly to our Facebook page (facebook.com/prayerworksstudio) and post a pic. There doesn’t seem to be a way for you to post a pic in the comment section here on the blog, but I would love for you to just write a sentence or two describing a sign of God’s deep love. That would be great! Peace, Kristen