2017 Star Word – Your Words and Giveaway Winner

It has been the most fun to receive and gather your 2017 Star Words! The response has been tremendous and the words are so amazing! They speak to your deep faith, your hopes, your needs, and – most of all – your willingness to enter into the space that God is creating for you at this time. This word cloud shows all the words you submitted. The words that are in larger print represent words that were named by multiple people. How cool – and poetic – that Peace is at the center of all it!

Word Cloud.2017 Star Words


As you submitted your words, it was my goal to respond to each one of you and offer a blessing that incorporated your particular word. It was wonderful to have the opportunity to pray for you and consider the possibilities of where God is leading you. I’m excited for all of you.

The other gift that emerged from this process was the joy of seeing the community that is forming amongst us! You responded to each other’s comments, shared your words, and in one case, reached out to offer prayers and a resource for someone who was grieving the loss of her mom. Love that!

2017-01-30 12.58.44To add icing on the cake, I entered all of your names into a random drawing (using random.org) for a free set of prayer beads. The set I’m giving away is one of my personal sets of prayer beads. While it may seem odd to offer up a used set of prayer beads, I actually think used prayer beads are one of the best gifts. You know you are receiving something that has been prayed over, held, loved, and offered up to God. You’re getting beads that represent a piece of the giver’s life – their prayers and feelings and stories. That is certainly true with this set. On top of that, this is one of my all-time favorite designs. I think the color variations in the purple fire agate are gorgeous!

So the lucky winner of these beads is Jeri Lynn White. Her Star Word was Wholeheartedness. As a Brené Brown fan, I love that!

I continue to pray blessings on all of you as you seek to live into your Star Word for the year. May God guide you into the mysteries and meaning of your word, and grant you peace.

9 Responses to 2017 Star Word – Your Words and Giveaway Winner

  1. Kristen,
    I was just casually reading your blog and then I saw my name as the winner. I just sat here and cried. I feel so blessed to receive your prayer beads. Please let me know what information you need from me.

    Thanks again so much,
    Jeri Lynn

  2. Congrats, Jeri Lynn! That is a beautiful set of beads. I pray that your journey with them is as comforting as it is challenging as you step wholeheartedly a little deeper into your faith journey.

  3. Thanks! I’ve reached out to someone in our arts ministry at Eastside UMC to request you doing a workshop/speaking to us at church. I’m enjoying your book and my prayer beads. Thanks, Kristen

  4. Thank you for intentionally praying for each of us who submitted words. I offer prayer for you and your ministry. May God’s grace and peace be with you.

    • Charlotte – It is a privilege and a great joy to connect with each of you through prayer. And I am deeply grateful for your prayer for me. Peace, Kristen

  5. Hello Kristen. I am trying to place an order but keep having an issue with logging onto the order site. is there another way to place an order? I have ordered before without any problems.